Interview With Liron Mazor About OrbVest Israel and US Healthcare Real Estate Opportunities

For over 19 years, Liron Mazor has been an internationally recognized wealth management expert.

Liron is the former host of a popular personal finance show on Chai FM radio and is the founder of Greengrass Wealth Management, Dealfo, and Soulful Money.

Liron Mazor has been honored with multiple awards for his contributions to the investment services industry. He holds a Bcom Honours and International CFP qualification.

Liron Mazor provides customized, tax-efficient wealth and retirement planning strategies for high-net-worth individuals and their families, emphasizing long-term, sustainable growth. He has spent the last year creating a course that focuses on the fundamentals of wealth creation, focusing on the practical, spiritual, and metaphysical fundamentals of financial independence.

He is currently most passionate about the work he is doing with OrbVest Israel, introducing qualified international investors to commercial health care real estate investment opportunities in the United States.

What is OrbVest?

OrbVest is a global real estate company that invests in US income producing medical commercial real estate on behalf of limited partner investors from over 20 countries around the globe, including Israel.  OrbVest has been able to acquire profitable, professionally-managed medical office buildings in some of the fastest-growing cities across the United States.

Within seven years, OrbVest has assembled a portfolio of over 1.4 million square feet representing approximately $400 million of real estate with a very high re-investment rate. OrbVest is actively pursuing additional medical office building investments across the United States to provide enhanced diversification for its investors and reduce concentration risk.

OrbVest’s goal is to make investing in global real estate simple for qualified small and large investors who are able to invest from as little as $10,000. Clients use a convenient online platform to invest directly into low risk healthcare commercial real estate.

Why healthcare real estate?

Medical office buildings in the United States proved their resilience during the global health crisis, with occupancy rates, rent growth, and new construction remaining very strong compared to other real estate sectors, like retail and commercial office space, which struggled mightily during the pandemic.  In many ways, COVID-19 underscored a growing need for diverse, specialized, affordable, and convenient access to healthcare.

Other powerful forces are also contributing to a bullish outlook on healthcare real estate.

The United States is graying and living longer. These demographics are driving demand for healthcare and medical facilities. The number of Americans aged 65 and older is expected to double over the next 40 years and reach 80 million by 2040.  Adults aged 85 and older may quadruple by 2040 as technological advancements, medical breakthroughs, and improving healthcare are extending lifespans.

How does OrbVest decide where to invest?

OrbVest properties are located in areas of large, stable populations or projected population growth, particularly in Sun Belt states, as population growth is a key driver of real estate values.

Why are Israeli investors looking for real estate opportunities outside of Israel?

I believe there is a value in diversification of investments.  For real estate investors in Israel, there is currency risk, concentration risk, political risk, market risks, and of course, we are surrounded by hostile neighbors.  There is logic in looking outside Israel for some of your retirement and financial planning and historically, real estate has been an outstanding source of income and appreciation.

The Israeli economy is a source of great pride and is a true success story, but there are also real challenges.  Many Israelis are also worried about the future devaluation of the Shekel, which has reached a multi-decade high against the US dollar.

The Israeli currency traded at NIS 3.16 to the dollar recently, and NIS 3.69 against the euro. With growing fiscal deficits, lingering unemployment and greater social needs, there is concern about how to find the best opportunities for the future.

How many projects do you have?

OrbVest has completed ten acquisitions since the start of 2021, across six portfolios.  OrbVest recently closed on two Class A Medical Office properties in Cincinnati, Ohio. The two properties, Kenwood Crossing II and Red Bank Village, total 67,356 SF which are currently approximately 95% leased, are located in two of Greater Cincinnati’s most desirable submarkets, Kenwood and Red Bank.

Earlier this year, OrbVest closed on West Orange Professional Center in Orlando, Florida, a 38,537-square-foot campus with two medical office buildings located directly across the street from Orlando Health – Health Central Hospital; purchased its third property in Princeton, New Jersey, a medical and office building comprising 40,028 square feet of rentable space; acquired Talavi Spectrum, a 74,662-square-foot, multi-tenant office building in Phoenix, Arizona, OrbVest’s second property in greater Phoenix metro area; acquiring two dental buildings in metropolitan Atlanta, a 11,852-square-foot Great Expressions Dental Center office situated on 1.15 acres in Fayetteville, Georgia, and Eagles Pointe Dental Centre a 15,784 SF office building in Stockbridge, Georgia; and closed on Fleming Island, a 76,771-square-foot office property located in Jacksonville, Florida.

How can I learn more about OrbVest?

Our Website, provides a great introduction to OrbVest.  We explain how investing in healthcare commercial real estate from anywhere in the world can be simple, quick and easy.

I am available for a free, confidential consultation with potential clients interested in learning more. You can book an appointment on the Website or by calling: 050-914-6138.

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Interview with Liron Mazor About OrbVest Israel and US Healthcare Real Estate Opportunities