Internatioal Author Dr. J.A. Goddard Releases New Book – Himalayan Reset: Navigating Chaos Through India, Nepal, and Tibet

Himalayan Reset: Navigating Chaos through India, Nepal, and Tibet
Dr. J.A. Goddard is pleased to announce the release of his new book, Himalayan Reset: Navigating Chaos through India, Nepal, and Tibet. A regular guy, a pre-midlife crisis, and four months in the Himalayas – What could possibly go wrong?

Step into an incredible solo journey into the beautiful and remote regions of the Himalayas.

On the cusp of an early mid-life crisis and driven by an inescapable dissatisfaction for life, Dr. Jim Goddard makes a radical decision – to embark on a solo journey through the Himalayas. In the time of the pre-internet 1990s, Jim abandons his old life and begins a trip that will drastically transform his view of life, spirituality, and his own self. Imbued with a relentlessly adventurous spirit and a dash of light-hearted humour, Himalayan Reset: Navigating Chaos through India, Nepal, and Tibet recounts Jim’s incredible 4-month adventure through the beautiful Himalayas.

Embarking on a profound journey across the mountainous regions of India, Nepal, and Tibet, Jim finds his resourcefulness and resilience pushed to extremes as he navigates perilous mountain passes, foreign cities, and unfamiliar cultures. Forced to rely on nothing more than old travel guides and local wisdom, this enlightening travel journal chronicles a deeply spiritual journey, culminating in life-changing experiences that empower him with a greater appreciation for both his own courage, and the boundless nature of human potential.

From encounters with wild dogs and a close shave with a devastating avalanche to a meeting with the Dalai Lama, Jim retraces ancient Buddhist pilgrimages, crossing paths with many unusual and memorable people along the way. In a time of political unrest and instability, Jim’s daring adventure blends thoughtful reflections about his trials and tribulations with plenty of amusing anecdotes, offering a unique glimpse into the reality of solo traveling through the Himalayas.

Book Information:

Himalayan Reset

Navigating Chaos through India, Nepal, and Tibet

By Dr. J.A. Goddard

Published: January 19, 2022

ISBN: 978-4910263014 (pb)

ISBN: 978-4910263038 (ebook)


Travel, Travelogue, Memoir, Outdoors

About the Author:

Employing hard-fought insights and a unique sense of humor, Dr. Jim Goddard is an author, traveller, and university professor who aims to entertain and inspire his readers to achieve their ideal level of success in life. His books and videos explore strategies for personal development, communication, business, and breaking through the fears that hold us back in life. Currently residing in Japan, Jim enjoys motorcycles, nature, travel, sports, grilling, single malt whiskey, good cigars, and chilling with his dog, Luna. Follow Jim’s latest adventures and publications on his YouTube Channel and social media: Whiskey Philosopher.

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