Intelligence Prime Capital: The Easiest Way to Achieve Financial Goals

Intelligence Prime Capital (IP capital) is a global bot trading company committed to providing registered users with exceptional and full suite of digital asset services and BOT that has a 98% to 100% win ratio. It specializes in researching and developing the future of Fintech which includes quantitative trading, leveraged Artificial Intelligence (AI) trading systems, cloud storage systems and business management software.

Intelligence Prime Capital AIA BOT system works by compiling and aggregating market data, information, trading volume and other relevant data to accurately predict market trends. After several months of testing, the AIA BOT system achieved an average win rate of 97%, setting a stunning record. We are now ready to help individuals and businesses navigate the challenging financial markets and help them maximize their profit while also putting then in the limelight for more visibility.

IP Capital also provide a system that uses artificial intelligence technology to automatically and accurately analyze investment and trading patterns according to specified technical parameters and predefined algorithms thereby generating up to 15 and 45% profit with the AIA BOT depending on any of our subscription packages a user decide to opt in for. The packages available are the smart bot, the brilliant bot and the genius bot.

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Reasons why you can never go wrong with IP Capital, We provide our users with:

โ€“ A wide variety of trading products including commodities, forex, crypto-currencies and indices.

โ€“ 24/7 market trend analysis

โ€“ AI analysis system with 97% accuracy.

โ€“ Real-time market analysis

โ€“ 98% to 100% win ratio

โ€“ 15 to 45% profit (depending on the subscription package of your choice)

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Let us help you and your business achieve that financial goal. We are sure that a trial would convince you.

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