Inspire Change Wellness is proud to announce the launch of an integrated treatment model for men who struggle with alcohol use disorder (AUD). The addiction treatment centre believes that with the right techniques, medication, and care, recovery is a real possibility. According to a spokesman, Inspire Change Wellness understands that men who live with alcohol use disorders struggle to build relationships work and stay healthy. Such individuals are also challenged with embracing recovery and living happy, fulfilling lives.

Acknowledging that recovery is an individual and gradual journey, the centre has taken proactive measures to not only provide professional care tailored to address unique addiction challenges, but also build a network of support for men in recovery. While mapping a rehabilitative pathway, Inspire Change Wellness takes into account the patient’s emotional, mental, and physical health. As integral parts of a holistic approach to addiction treatment, medication, counselling, group sessions, and nutritional support form a crucial part of this program.

“When we look at our statistics, we see that the rate of men living with AUDs is constantly increasing,” the spokesperson said. “This calls into question factors (personal and societal) that may be at play and what can be done to address them.” Affected men may be reluctant to admit to being victims of alcoholism and reach out for help. Such instances of denial are common and can lead to a lifetime of emotional, physical, and mental trauma.

“We strongly believe that there is life after addiction and that addicts deserve second chances. We don’t believe that adding two more pills to the mix of treatment will make any difference, but we do believe that our model of care will influence the desired change,” Inspire Change Wellness added. The centre also states that the first step to recovery is identifying the possible presence of alcohol addiction, which comes with the following signs:

Concealing drinking habits from spouses, family members, friends, and other close individuals
Drinking at odd hours of the day, such as the middle of the night or early in the morning
Considering alcohol a go-to solution to every problem
Drinking even under the awareness of potential health risks
Having difficulties maintaining a work-life balance or relationships with loved ones, or both
Being constantly under the influence of alcohol even when conducting hazardous activities or operating machinery
Finding it challenging to keep track of one’s finances or having a run-in with the law
Feeling irritated or perplexed when not drinking

Patients with any of the above-mentioned signs may be struggling with alcohol addiction, Inspire Change said. It explained that it recommends that patients get tested for addiction even if such persons deny alcohol addiction. Doing so will ultimately lead to positive results.

About Inspire Change Wellness

Inspire Change Wellness is a state-of-the-art alcohol and drug treatment centre in British Columbia, Canada. The centre offers individualized care and treatment through a comprehensive professional team consisting of medical doctors, nurses, certified recovery coaches, and treatment staff. The centre provides a variety of treatments for major addictions, from alcohol to cocaine and meth. Available service areas where patients can receive special care include Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Calgary.

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