Linda Gillan, the author of Inside Looking Out, has written this book not only for those who struggle with mental illness, but also to bring better understanding to family, friends, and the wider community. 

This book will open your eyes to the issues of mental health, wellness, and dis-ease. 

Linda’s writing is raw and real, she tells it how it is. And how it was; to be suddenly hospitalised in a psychiatric ward. 

Revealing the scars of the darkest periods of her life, Linda shares her understanding of human existence and how our individual experiences of mind, body and spirit are interconnected. 

“When something is out of balance, physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually, it manifests in our body as dis-ease in some form or another. In my case, diagnosis of mental illness.” – Linda Gillan


We all have mental health and it’s time to drop the façade that wellness is a continual plateau.  

Mental illness is a silent disease, a debilitating and lonely journey. 

There are no bandages to show that something is not working, injured, or broken, and stigma exacerbates the situation. 

Linda encourages us all to have open and honest conversations about how we are really feeling. 

True healing starts when we all work together, in safe and supportive environments. 

May we teach by example, that mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing deserve equal care and consideration for a well-rounded existence. 

Inside Looking Out: Mental Health, Spirituality, and Everything in Between is available on Amazon.

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