Innovative Collection of NFTs, MerMonKeyes Is Dropping in March 2022

MerMonKeyes are unique positive fun NFTs available on Opensea. The goal of creating MerMonKeyes is to spread joy, celebrate their unique gifts, and channel positive vibes. Half Mermaid and Half Monkey, the MerMonKeyes remind people to be in the present moment, follow their passions and live fearlessly.

Inspiration Behind MerMonKeyes

It hasn’t always been this good for MerMonKeyes. The MerMonKeyes created by accident in a secret lab, considered freaks of nature, were abandoned on a tropical island when a classified cloning operation cross-pollinated and mutated the DNA of fish and monkeys. They were trapped between two worlds, the water, and the woods, never belonging to either and feeling alone and hopeless.

As a result, they had to forge their own path and create their own world as in half-mermaid, half-monkey existence. Being so distinct allowed them to be precisely who they are, to explore new things without fear, and to take risks in order to achieve their highest ambitions.

You will find MerMonKeyes living life as artists, ballers, astronauts, musicians, chefs, entrepreneurs, magicians and Kung Fu Masters but you won’t find them defeated, angry, negative or hateful because they choose love, positively and the present moment.

The Team Behind MerMonKeyes

Based in Chicago, IL and San Diego, CA, the creative team behind MerMonKeyes are Crypto crazy and Block Chain Aficionados. They also happen to be all siblings striving for the same goal, to make the world a little bit better by spreading joy, knowledge and generosity.

“Learning about NFTs, Crypto, and Blockchain by collaborating and creating MerMonKeyes has been a dream come true. The MerMonKeyes are colorful, playful, and positive. So proud to have been a part of this project and to have worked with the best humans on earth!” states W. MerMonKeye.

MerMonKeyes’ team is excited to share their new, one-of-a-kind collection, and have stated that this is the first of many more to come. They hope that it will inspire others to start collecting MerMonKeyes for positive fun and maybe even dive into the world of creating too!

When Will MerMonKeyes Be Released?

The collection will be mint publicly on March 20222. First 100 MerMonKeyes NFTs dropping in March 2022. New MerMonKeyes will be added weekly along with a description of traits and rarity.

Only 1000 of these colorful talented free-spirited creatures will be minted on Opensea representing various professions, sports, fashion choices, talents, and gifts. MerMonKeyes are available and accessible for those seasoned collectors as well as for those just learning about NFTs.

MerMonKeyes pride themselves on being inclusive, original and are just the beginning of a growing community that desires to create positive change in the world of blockchain as well as in the real world. Connect with MerMonKeyes on Twitter and Instagram @MerMonKeyes!

Where can you find MerMonKeyes?

MerMonKeyes can be found on different platforms and social media:

Opensea at MerMonKeyes22

Twitter at MerMonKeyes

Instagram at MerMonKeyes

Official Web Site

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