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The mining sector is considered one of the important economic pillars for many countries. Hardly a country has abandoned an existing activity in this vital field. The underground is full of valuable minerals and reaches from them to the precious and rare. Among the dangers of the nature of the work environment surrounding the workers from the danger of falling rocks, toxic gases and other flammable ones.

From here, Eng. Eyab Mijwal set out to study his innovation at the Research Center of the Saudi Mining Polytechnic, which is a toxic gas detection bracelet, which is the subject of this article with one of the aspects of the potential danger during the mining process related to the leakage of dangerous or toxic gases.

As the current mining work inside the mines is dangerous, which is caused by the interruption of oxygen necessary for the breathing process and the vital processes of the human body, as well as the appearance of gas such as methane, which is operable suddenly during mining operations in the mines.

And the treatment of risk increases here if the mining work is inside a mine very deep underground and while workers use large or heavy equipment to construct pits, prepare for field explosions, or clean new work paths in the mine.

And the creation of the toxic gas detection bracelet, which was presented to us by Engineer Eyab Mijwal, was created specifically for use in various mining mines to prevent the dangers of the aforementioned factors.

The bracelet works through a sensor of toxic gases to measure the proportion and rate of these gases in the environment surrounding the miners and contains two other sensors, one to measure body temperature, and another sensor to measure blood pressure that works periodically and automatically to know the vital condition of the body and measure the heart rate.

These measurements can be known through the information display on the bracelet, or the measurement process can be done manually if you want to verify the measurements.

The bracelet issues sound alerts through a loudspeaker and a vibration motor to alert the user in dangerous situations and the people around him. Through the microphone built into the bracelet, voice messages can be sent to request help and relief in various dangerous situations from simple to very dangerous.

There is a GPS unit to determine the location and facilitate finding people. The bracelet provides power, a powerful battery that powers the sensors, and a short and long-range wireless signal transmitter to locate the person more accurately.

The work of these devices is related to the measurement of indicators related to the gases outside and inside the mine, with the possibility of adding additional measures and standards for the safety of workers.

Those outside the work environment can directly monitor through the control center to follow up the indicators sent from the bracelet, such as gases, the percentage of oxygen and other vital signs, to follow them in the event that workers are busy inside the mines as a result of their exhaustion or fall, God forbid, in sudden cases. Thus, the bracelet helps to intervene and provide the necessary assistance and Chief of which is urgent medical assistance, which, God willing, contributes to reducing the effects of these accidents and saving the injured.

Engineer Eyab Mijwal adds that the use of the toxic gas detection bracelet is not only limited to miners, as it is also used by workers and technicians in factories and laboratories that involve various gases, and the engineer looks forward to making the toxic gas detection bracelet one of the basic safety tools in work sites The various workers in which may be exposed to the above-mentioned risk factors.

The present invention relates in general to the detection of toxic gases in industrial and mining sites, and in particular in underground mines, to report cases of gas leakage from the ground, where many accidents occur in mines underground and above the surface of the earth, as well as factories and sites of research and exploration and to prevent the danger of these business and reduce its complications.

Therefore, he found a bracelet for detecting toxic gases in the mines. It measures the vital parameters of workers in the mines, as well as the external factors affecting, determines the source of the danger, sends alerts to its user and sends messages to the operations, control and follow-up center directly.

No one can overlook the accidents that occur or may occur during mining and manufacturing operations, but workers in this field give great priority to safety factors and maintaining the safety of workers, so we see an imperative to provide a portable detector for toxic gases and measure vital indicators, which can be used by all workers in the mines It does not hinder their work and helps achieve the highest level of safety while working inside the mines. It can also be monitored and controlled through the follow-up centers outside the mines to monitor toxic gases and the reactions of workers’ bodies by measuring blood pressure, oxygen percentage and body temperature for prospectors and dealing with them with the necessary warnings directly and in record time.

Especially since Engineer Eyab Mijwal confirms the need for him while providing the necessary relief and rescue operation inside the mines for those exposed to accidents that may result due to oxygen outages or the sudden appearance of gas such as methane in the mine, or even the workers inside the mines fainting for other emergency reasons such as sudden sickness attacks is the most important Our priority is to preserve the human element.

We aim through this invention (toxic gas detection bracelet) to provide the most safety standards by measuring the vital parameters of workers in the mines and detecting toxic gases and sending them to the control center, to avoid common mine accidents that unfortunately often cause death or severe injuries. These accidents may result in mass deaths.

The innovation aims to warn of the causes of unconsciousness for workers before exposure to it or reduce its severity.

These accidents result from a lack of attention to these causes and the inability to measure them through the human element only, or they may result from a defect in recognizing problems before they occur, causing sudden accidents that result in various injuries.

Connecting the bracelet and providing it with the necessary safety standards for all individuals in the mines and factories and providing it with sensors of toxic gases, heart rate measurements, blood pressure, body temperature, GPS and radiofrequency identification devices, and communication through the wireless network with the operations center. All these factors and standards make this bracelet The wrist wears an integrated control center for personnel working in mines and factories.

We are working through an innovative work team at the Research Center of the Saudi Mining Polytechnic to produce and develop several versions of this innovation, each of them commensurate with the work environment in which the innovation is intended to be used so that we can allocate and achieve the greatest benefit from its characteristics to its users.

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