Influencio’s Second Public INFLUENCE Token Sale Round Is Now Launched

Investors, fans, and followers can purchase INFLUENCE tokens directly on Influencio’s website starting from April 19, 2022, at competitive prices before the full listing.

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – APRIL 19, 2022 – Influencio, the first dedicated blockchain influencer marketing platform, which also incorporates NFTs, GameFi, SocialFi, and the Metaverse, developed by Technicorum Holdings‘ subsidiary Gravitas International Associates, announces the second public INFLUENCE token sale is now launched.

Influencio has allocated 100,000,000 INFLUENCE tokens for this public sale round at $0.07 per INFLUENCE token. Investors can purchase tokens directly on Influencio’s website or on the TheTechLauncher launchpad from April 19, 2022. INFLUENCE tokens are sold in batches of 700 tokens, worth $49 per batch. The purchased tokens will be subject to a seven-day lockup period from the first date of an upcoming IDO or centralised exchange listing and are then entitled to a daily claim over three months. 

Commenting on the launch of the second public sale round, Daniel Daboczy, CEO of Influencio, said “Our previous first public sale round was a great success, as confirmed by thousands and thousands of tokens sold. This time, we expect even more interest from investors and the community. The sale will also help ensure necessary resources to further develop Influencio’s platform.” Daniel added, “The next big step for us will be to get listed on major crypto exchanges. But for now, this is an opportunity for our early supporters to join the ecosystem at a competitive price.”

The previous first public token sale was completed back in March 2022. Investors and members of the crypto community purchased tens of thousands of INFLUENCE tokens. Early investors enjoyed a premium discounted token price.  

The INFLUENCE token is a governance token that governs all activities on the platform. It is a universal currency that can be used across borders, allowing marketers to reward local influencers, brand owners, and users worldwide. INFLUENCE token holders will be entitled to unlock premium features on the platform that include direct messaging to influencers, participating in Influencio contests, and casting votes. INFLUENCE tokens are one of the two token systems of Influencio, along with its ACTS tokens, that can be used to purchase Influencers’ NFTs and participate in the Influencio P2E games and its ecosystem.

INFLUENCE tokens enable holders to:

• Purchase and unlock premium content uploaded by their favourite influencers.

• Purchase both Influencio NFTs and influencer-specific NFTs. 

• Purchase influencer-specific tokens upon the influencer achieving the specified influence levels within the platform. 

• Use Influencio and influencer-specific tokens in the platform/influencer governance module, including proposals creation.

• Vote on platform upgrade features and choose the content posted by an influencer.

• Have access to the Influencio P2E games, which will provide users an equal opportunity to earn from playing top games in the Influencio ecosystem.

• Participate in the Influencio ecosystem and its recurring contests on the platform.

INFLUENCE Tokenomics:

INFLUENCE tokens have a total supply of 606,006,666, out of which: 

• 10% allocated to influencers;

• 31% allocated to the project team, advisors, marketing, and promotion;

• 20% allocated for liquidity; 

• 5% and 10% are set aside for farming and DAO, respectively. 


Influencio’s new INFLUENCE and ACTS cryptocurrencies (BEP20 tokens) are designed to address friction and monetisation within the growing global influencer market. The project is supported by the most prominent YouTubers and influencers in South America, Europe, Nordic countries, and Asia. It will soon have a fully global presence as well. The project is led by CMO Danjal Kanani alongside CEO Daniel Daboczy. Influencio solves key market challenges using blockchain and NFTs with DeFi, GameFi, and SocialFi elements. Influencio streamlines payments and processing, content marketing management, interaction monitoring and offers FinTech solutions to the industry. 

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Technicorum Holdings comprises several subsidiaries, some of which are regulated and specialise in various industries in the field of digital assets, DeFi, GameFi, SocialFi, the Metaverse, etc. Its fully owned subsidiary, Gravitas International Associates Pte Ltd, is a Singapore-registered Fintech company certified by Singapore FinTech Association as an authorised blockchain & DLT provider, e-wallet, core banking, digital exchange Platforms, digitisation and tokenisation, platforms, products, and services. The Technicorum group has numerous reference projects and clients, including over 100 ICOs/IEOs/IDOs/STOs completed through its subsidiaries over the last four years.

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