Infinity Game Announces – a Metaverse Project That Could Set Players Up for Life

Metaverse can offer a unique opportunity to earn money by playing!

Right now, it’s all about the Metaverse and Infinity Game was created to become the biggest Metaverse platform for blockchain-based online gaming with the use of a single governance token in all these games, what aim to bring users in a single location of different ages, gender, and nationalities.

Metaverse Universal Gaming Platform

The creators of Infinity Games have a vision of creating a digital universe with many types of games with Metaverse technology. The team is always working on new games while also improving the functionality of existing games.

Their goal is to ensure that Infinity Game becomes one of the most significant Metaverse Project globally. It will feature several types of games with mixed styles, ensuring there is something for everyone’s tastes. 

Infinity Games is one of the most promising projects for 2022 because we are not just talking about a game in the Metaverse, we are talking about a game platform in the Metaverse

As the community grows, so will the use cases for the $IGN tokens. Consequently, their value will soar, bringing profitability for their holders.

The games that are already deployed and ready to be played

So far, Infinity team has released three games, which will be part of the metaverse. These are:

Infinity Footer (Beta Version): It is built as a soccer game where users can play holding three players to assemble a team. Players can take part in up to 8 games a day. There are gold and silver players category.

Crypto Night City (Beta Version): It is designed as a play-to-earn RPG game. Players assume the role of a Thief, and they have to fulfill daily missions while interacting with other players in “The City,” a virtual world where all assignments take place.

Infinity Combat: Infinity Combat is a competitive first person shooter game.The challenge is to create military champions and train them to be the best of all “Infinity Squad”.To do this users will have Training Mode, Adventure Mode (PVE), Battle Mode (PVP) and special missions to conquer and complete.

Soon the mobile version of Infinity Combat will be released, which will greatly increase the number of players. The team’s idea is to take the game to the next level, bringing professional esports players into the NFT gaming market, with world-class tournaments and huge prizes.


The Metaverse is the next big technological step for society, we believe it will revolutionize every industry, and Infinity Games is a pioneer in the gaming industry.

It is not just one game, the project is an entire platform with all kinds of games and everything in the Metaverse!

The entire platform use the same token, the $IGN, as its governance token. In addition they will also launch their own cryptocurrency wallet… the ecosystem is huge and the potential is giant, 2022 will be a revolutionary year for those who believe in the project!


Infinity Game NFT Token ($IGN) is a BEP20 token on the BNB Smart Chain with a maximum supply of 482 million tokens with 18 decimals. There will be a token burn strategically to get a total supply of 300 million $IGN. Infinity Game NFT is already listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko and will be listed at several exchanges this year.

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