iNf4mation Debuts on CoinMarketCap This Month

After a hugely successful start to 2022, iNf4mation joins the elite by listing on CMC.

February 11, 2022 – Proud moment for the iNf4mation team. Cory Warfield, the GGM of the company, is pleased to announce that iNf4mation has recently debuted on the world’s leading digital asset tracking website CoinMarketCap. Link:

The company GGM shared that the whole iNf4mation team is delighted with the development and that it’s a huge milestone for them.  

It’s a huge validation and endorsement that what we are doing here on the project is right”, Cory stated while sharing the exciting news on its YouTube channel. Link:

It’s a massive milestone for us. So please make sure to add us to your CMC watchlist!

When selecting a listing, CoinMarketCap follows strict evaluation criteria throughout its analysis and decision-making process, and it’s quite a herculean job for a project to secure a listing on such an esteemed portal. The challenge is even greater especially for new projects like iNf4mation and the fact that the company has been able to live up to the challenge deserves kudos.

CMC takes into account a long list of parameters before selecting a project, ranging from product or market fit of the project, impact and practicality, innovation and uniqueness, community interest and engagement, and more. The leading digital asset tracking website also considers the personnel behind the project as well as the project longevity and activity.

iNf4mation is a breakthrough platform dedicated to the protection of user data privacy and business compliance. The company is backed by an esteemed team of developers, architects, and business people who are committed to addressing the issues of data security and ownership. The innovative vision of the company and community-first approach has earned the company 10m visitors and a huge bustling social community of 200,000+ members. iNf4mation currently boasts a 4.9-star (Excellent) rating on Trustpilot from over 1,000 independent reviews.

When asked about the reason behind its rocketing popularity, Cory shared that these numbers are based on the validated numbers provided directly by the vendors. Regarding its list of reviews, Cory said they requested the community to share its feedback and the community members have been happy to participate.

iNf4mation has also announced plans to launch its NFT marketplace and minting engine this calendar quarter. Following the announcement, some users have already inquired about how the NFT concept will fit into the existing concept of iNf4mation. In Cory’s words-

When the project was initially started in 2018, it’s fair to say NFTs did not exist. This breakthrough in technology did present us with an opportunity to take advantage of the uniqueness of NFT’s and allow us to provide the perfect enhancement to the iNf4mation ecosystem. As we have always stated, iNf4mation is all about our users; and enabling each of them to control and own their own data. At the heart of an NFT, is the principle that they [NFT’s] are as unique as you and I. Therefore, as we build this into our platform, we are able to present another unique go-to-market opportunity by using the same capability and launching an NFT Marketplace and minting engine – and doing it one calendar month ahead of our GTM schedule, plus a first from the Salesforce platform.”

About iNf4mation

iNf4mation is a breakthrough organization that allows its users to take back control of their personal and private data and monetize their data’s value. Their platform upholds a Community First approach to data control and management that is hybrid, decentralized, and interoperable. iNf4mation offers the customer control over their data while making data regulatory compliant for businesses. To gain access to user data, businesses will have to subscribe to iNf4mation for access rights to declared customer data. iNf4mation operates through two primary components – the iNf4mation Unique Customer View (iUCV) and the iNf4 Utility component. The iUCV enables customers to decide what personal data they want and don’t want to share with businesses. Additionally, the unique iNf4mation platform allows businesses to maintain data compliance by accessing only user-approved declared data.

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