Indian Visa Application Provides an Easy Facility for Uploading Photos and Passports From Home Using a Mobile

The online Visa application method made it simple to get an Indian e-Visa by uploading a photo, and passport from home. There is no need to send the physical copy of these documents to any office. The only thing to do is just use a mobile camera to take its photos and upload them to the link provided during the application process.

Indian Visa Application Online has become so much easier with, as the process has become completely online-based. Everything required for the application can be done from home or any other place based on the user’s choice. Thus, it has become one of the best and fastest methods to apply for an Indian e-Visa.

Indian Visa photo requirements

Photo is one of the primary requirements for applying for a visa irrespective of the purpose of the visit. The applicants can upload their photos in any format like PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF, etc. They can use a mobile phone, scanner, or camera to take a photo and can upload it to the link provided by the website. Those who are not able to upload their photo through the website can ask for an email link, where they can upload the photo.  Applicants must upload a photo with at least 350 pixels by 350 pixels in height and width. While considering the photo quality, it must be taken under a uniform light. All other Indian Visa photo requirements are available at

Indian Visa Passport requirements

A passport is another mandatory requirement to apply for an Indian e-Visa. The applicant will have to upload the passport scan copy to the link available on the website, or can send it by email. They can easily scan the passport using scanner apps on mobiles or via a scanner for uploading. The passport scan copy must be clear, legible, and not blurry. The details given in the application form must match with that the details in the passport scan copy. As per the guidelines of the Government of India, an applicant will have to upload the scan copy with 600 pixels by 800 pixels in height and width. Like a photo, the applicants can upload a passport in any file format like PDF, PNG, JPG, etc. allows people to upload a passport scan copy within the size of one Mb. To upload a scan copy of a large size, the individual will have to use the method of email uploading.

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