Indian Visa Application Online Provides Long-Term Business E-Visa for Citizens of America, and Many Other Eligible Countries

Indian Visa Application Online allows foreigners from eligible countries to apply for different kinds of e-Visas. People can apply for an Indian medial e-Visa, tourist e-Visa, or business e-Visa based on their purpose of visit. Each e-Visa has its different validity; thus, the individuals must choose the correct e-Visa during the application process.

The online method of Visa application via is the best method to obtain an Indian Visa. It provides a simplified Visa application procedure that can be done within a few minutes. A lot of security features are provided by, which makes it the safest way to get an Indian Visa.

Apply Indian Business Visa from the US

The United States was a launch member of the Indian e-Visa program; Thus, US citizens are eligible to enjoy the fast entry facility. All US citizens who are planning to visit India for business-related needs can apply for Indian Business e-Visa. Indian Business e-Visa is a long-term Visa that is valid for one year and can be used to visit India repeatedly without any problem. United States citizens are allowed to stay in India for 180 days continuously with this e-visa. An individual can only stay in the country for the term provided in the Visa.

Apply Indian Business Visa from the Australia

Australian citizens can use Indian Business e-Visa to visit India for any kind of business-related needs. Indian Business e-Visa can be used for selling or purchasing goods and services, attending business meetings, recruiting or hiring staff, etc. It can also be used for participating in trade fairs, exhibitions, and business fairs. Even though the business e-visa will be issued quickly, it is always better to apply for it 4 to 7 days before entering India.

A valid passport, email id, and credit or debit card are some primary requirements for applying for the e-Visa. Apart from these things, a mobile phone is just enough to complete the whole Visa application process. provides an easy method of Visa application, where the applicants do not have to visit the embassy. Applicants can fill out the application form provided on the website, upload necessary documents, pay the fee, and receive the e-Visa. By choosing this method the applicants can cut short the time required. They are also able to reduce the effort and money spent, by choosing this method.

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