In Her Book “Once I Had a Dog”, Lesley Pours Out Her Heart, Celebrating the Special Relationship She Shared With Her Dog, Roxie

The best thing about having memories is that they become an indelible part of an individual and are his to keep. Memories don’t require the possession of flashy gadgets that, despite their grandeur and glitz, are still fragile and dependent on electrical pulses to function. All a person needs to do for reminiscing is to close one’s eyes and revisit the past whenever and wherever one desires.

Memories, no matter how bittersweet, are gifts that dwell in hearts and minds, feeding on the love shared with loved ones to become more vivid and unforgettable. Lesley J. Rios recounts memories of her beloved pet, Roxie, whom she lost in the most turbulent period of her life.

In her book Once I Had A Dog, Lesley pours out her heart, celebrating the special relationship she shared with her dog, Roxie, but simultaneously mourning her loss. Dogs and humans have a unique bond that makes them love and care for each other, so much that they can even read each other’s minds.

With time, dogs can become an extension of a person’s soul, so that one can communicate and share with them every thought and feeling. And the best part is, THEY UNDERSTAND! In today’s unsettling times, in an already precarious world, losing a pet is extremely hard, frightening, and upsetting as one comes to depend on him for listening and offering a furry shoulder to lean on.

It is said that dogs love their owners more than they love themselves, so much that they even tend to absorb their owners’ pain. Perhaps due to the closeness and connection she had with her dog, Roxie, when Lesley was diagnosed with cancer, Roxie’s health declined as well. Lesley and her husband, Al, took their 15-year-old dog to various vets who prescribed different tests. Several diagnoses were given that included kidney failure and neurological issues.

All this was too agonizing for Lesley as, during this time, she was frequenting her doctors, surgeons, and specialists. She underwent 33 radiation treatments once her tumor was removed. Unfortunately, one afternoon toward the end of her treatment, Lesley arrived home to embrace her beloved pet one last time.

Once I Had A Dog is a poignant and stirring account of joyful, sweet, bitter, and difficult experiences that accompany owning and caring for a pet. The reader will identify with compassion, kindness, heartache, and ultimately, acceptance, in this true account that describes the deep love Lesley and her family had for Roxie, who had been a part of their lives for almost sixteen years.

The book is illustrated by Marie Blocker, a teaching colleague of Lesley’s who still lives and teaches in Frisco, Texas. Ms. Blocker has illustrated her friend’s story with realism, a beautifully delicate palette of colors, and authenticity that easily transports the reader into feelings of heartfelt warmth and love

Ms. Rios’ Once I Had A Dog is an engaging story that can be read by parents to 3-5-year-olds and can be read by school-age children on their own. A heartbreaking but natural event such as losing a pet can be discussed with boys and girls, reminding them that the wonderful memories they hold of their loyal and loving companions will always remain within their hearts.

Look for Once I Had A Dog to be released in early June, the time when National Cancer Survivors’ Day is celebrated. A portion of the book’s proceeds will be donated to Virginia Commonwealth University’s Massey Cancer Center in Richmond, Virginia.

As a bonus, a special ribbon bookmark with a charm that symbolizes and memorializes Ms. Rios’ dog, Roxie, is attached to the cover for children to mark a stopping point during their reading. Additionally, a few teaching tips by Ms. Rios and Ms. Blocker are included to extend and enrich the learning offered by Once I Had A Dog. Today, these mini-lessons are beneficial to adults who find they are helping to navigate their children’s education more than ever.

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