Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Financial Market

The Russia-Ukraine crisis and its effect on the financial market bring to memory how the COVID-19 pandemic shook the stock market and the need for investors to start preserving their capital by seeking risk-free alternative investments. So let’s take a look at how the COVID-19 pandemic affected investors and the lessons we can take away from the economic downturn. 

The pandemic impacted our lives, businesses, and the global economy in a way we never expected. Financial markets worldwide took a big hit as the pandemic triggered a freefall of share prices, causing investors to lose a lot of money in a very short period. 

Most stock markets in the world lost the gains they achieved in the past years. For example, the United States and Canada’s stock markets went down by over 30%. The COVID-19 pandemic didn’t affect only stock prices; it also caused a steep decline in other assets considered less prone to risk. For instance, the price of gold crashed by over 4% during the period, and most government treasury bonds declined to record low during the pandemic. 

Did Investors Make Money During The Covid 19 Pandemic?

It is no news that several investors lost money when the prices of stocks went down. However, while most financial markets worldwide reached historic lows during this period, some smart investors made money. 

One of the ways these investors made money is by withdrawing their capital from traditional assets and investing them in companies that manage digital assets. With this approach, these investors earned steady dividends on their capital while others were losing money.

Morgan Investment Holding caught our attention out of the many outperformers in this digital asset management world. Our team of financial analysts took a deeper look at how this company made money for investors during the economic downturn caused by the pandemic, and here is what we discovered. 

How Morgan Investment Holding Became A Top Performer During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Morgan Investment Holding is a group of asset management companies specializing in helping investors steer their capital in high-yielding investments. Based on my research, the company started as a traditional asset manager a few decades ago and added bitcoin to the list of assets it managed about ten years ago. 

After this adoption, the company invested heavily in the digital markets, building one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency mining farms in Africa. With this investment, the company acquired a high volume of bitcoins and launched another company, Morgan Consulting Inc, whose responsibility is to develop a risk-free cryptocurrency trading strategy. This company, situated in America, is their trading operation center. 

From the independent investigation of our financial experts, we confirmed that their unique trading strategy is risk-free and guarantees investors a 24% dividend on their capital annually. Our financial experts also found out that Morgan Consulting Inc has been paying investors a 2% dividend monthly on their capital long before the onset of the pandemic and didn’t stop paying during the pandemic.

While other financial asset management companies were taking the hit and their clients were losing money, Morgan Consulting leveraged her unique trading strategy and diversification into digital assets to scale up business and ensure their clients received dividends as at when due. This feat created a buzz around the company during the pandemic, and many investors turned to them to invest their capital. 

Did COVID-19 Pandemic Affect The Crypto Market?

The crypto market didn’t escape the negative impact of the pandemic. However, it wasn’t hit as badly as the stock market. Also, the prices of cryptocurrencies didn’t stay low for a long period like traditional assets, as the price of bitcoin and some digital assets went an all-time high shortly after they dived down. 

Lessons For Investors Looking For Safe Haven

We all learned from the COVID-19 pandemic that diversifying our investment is not enough to safeguard it. Instead, we must continually look for a safe haven that will guarantee us returns even in the face of an economic downturn. 

Furthermore, investors can’t afford to turn a blind eye to digital assets, as these coins have proven times without number that they are more resilient to inflation and recession than traditional assets. 

Lastly, we believe investors looking to preserve their capital and earn higher returns should consider investing with Morgan Investment Holding, especially now when the Russia-Ukraine crisis is shaking the stock market again. 

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