International Children’s Day is approaching, and the 29th Zigong International Dinosaur Lantern Festival themed “Dream Light, City of Thousand Lanterns” which was just successfully finished this month, showcased a grand display of lanterns in the “Imaginary World” section, created based on selected children’s artworks. Each year, the Zigong Lantern Festival collected submissions of paintings on different themes from the society as one of the sources of creativity for the lantern group. This year, the theme was “City of Thousand Lanterns, Home of the Lucky Rabbit,” featuring the zodiac sign of the rabbit, inviting children to use their colorful imaginations to depict their own lucky rabbits. In the “Imaginary Art Gallery” area of the “Imaginary World” theme, a delightful lantern paradise of lucky rabbits was created, preserving the innocence and creativity of children.

This particular section is the most meaningful part of the Zigong Lantern Festival each year. Whatever the children draw, the skilled lantern artisans and craftsmen bring those drawings to life as tangible lantern sculptures. The overall design aims to showcase the world through the innocent and playful eyes of children, allowing visitors to experience the joy of childhood in this area. Simultaneously, it not only educates more children about the art of lantern-making, but also provides an important source of creativity for lantern designers.

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