ICTV, whose vision is to represent and adapt talents under the umbrella of their international platform for moral-based art, is a streaming service. This Ontario-based streaming service provides a wide range of music videos, talent shows, entertainment shows, movies, documentaries, and more on internet-connected devices. Girded with the aim of creating and airing shows that asserts representation for all, they are a window that shows all and sundry a world where they feel comfortable and entertained.

Conscious of how almost every person on earth loves to be entertained, this first global Islamic Entertainment Platform was launched with the charming British voice of Salwa Lauren. Their goal isn’t only to ensure that people are entertained, their mission is to choose and air entertainment in accordance with Islamic teachings. ICTV is also set to air I See You which will be anchored by star Omar Regan and will feature international stars like Mesut Kurtis, Salwa Lauren, Humood Alkhudher, Najam Sheraz, gathering, on the IC Star stage on January 7, 2022 at 4:00pm.

Mesut Kurtis is a Macedonian-Turkish singer, also called the Burdah singer. He is reputed to have a mesmerizing touch combining Arabic, Turkish, English, Urdu, Albanian and Bosnian together to bring to life masterful pieces of art. He is also one of the IC Star Jury. Salwa Lauren is a British singer, songwriter and producer who embraced Islam after studying the Qu’ran searching for her truth. She gave an outstanding performance for the British Government and Prince Charles. Humood Alkhudher is a Kuwaiti singer, songwriter, musician and Music Producer. Known for his unique integration of Arabic Music and International pop styles, his songs have topped charts around the world with hundreds of millions of views on YouTube. Najeem Sheraz is a Pakistani singing legend and composer known for his powerful vocals. He will be one of the IC Star Jury.

One of ICTV’s big dreams is IC Star, a reality show that asks talents to fulfill their dreams. For ICTV, every story has a beginning and theirs begins with IC Star. IC Star targets international criteria to attract the most talented people from around the world while producing a moral-based art and entertainment. On ICTV, the IC Star is aired and it features 80 performances, 32 contestants and 5 judges from very different backgrounds to choose the first 3 winners. The winners get $20,000, $10,000 and $5,000 respectively and to each, a Media Production Contract.

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