iCareBilling Announced Cross-Platform Adaptation to Deliver Medical Billing Services Across the Board


iCareBilling is an online healthcare information technology company based in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Founded in 2020, they provide complete medical billing, RCM solutions, and other healthcare IT based services to independent healthcare professionals, small and mid-sized medical facilities, group medical practices, and hospitals throughout the United States. iCareBilling aims to be compatible with a variety of practice management and medical billing software currently available in the market to offer cross-platform compatibility in the healthcare industry. iCareBilling is a private American healthcare information technology company that provides Medical Billing, Practice Management, Healthcare RCM (Revenue Cycle Management), Provider Enrollment & Credentialing, and Web Design Services to independent healthcare practices, hospitals, and large medical groups throughout the United States. The company’s flexible Healthcare RCM Solution is customizable to any EHR/EMR System, Practice Management, or Medical Billing Software.

iCareBilling provides many different services for the medical systems they support. The platform can be used as a stand-alone system or as an extension of existing system by enhancing their working capabilities and performance. It has RCM integration and portability to existing U.S. healthcare systems.

The company provides medical billing services and assists with installing and configuration of such systems. They have experience in configuring certified EHR software and integrating it with existing systems.

Additionally, the company also offers practice management services to independent practicing doctors, group practices, hospitals, and labs. Healthcare professionals use the iCareBilling goal-oriented and data-specific algorithms within practice management to improve workflow and strategic clinical decisions.

Web design is integral in today’s day and age to improve the brand visibility and public image of any medical facility. iCareBilling is primed to provide healthcare web design to help healthcare professionals. The websites are comprehensive, with updated tools and platforms to support existing medical systems in place. The websites can be customized and tailored according to the clients’ needs. Best of all, the website can be integrated with an engaging interface, patient portal, online payment systems, and more. Ultimately, iCareBilling’s development team allows for flexibility with its clients to ensure that everything built is easy to support.

Revenue Cycle Management integration is built to support any EHR and the Practice Management Systems as well. iCareBilling functions as a Revenue Cycle Management solution provider that aims to adapt to any EHR/EMR or medical billing software within the healthcare industry.

Due to EHR Centrix RCM Services, it’s becoming more difficult for healthcare providers to choose their own choice of Medical Billing Service while keeping their patient’s clinical and non-clinical data within their own while making the strategic decisions about the Revenue Cycle Management of their healthcare business. iCareBilling’s announcement of adaptation of leading Electronic Health Records (EHRs) or Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) will add more value to the Healthcare market. iCareBilling’s flexible Medical Billing Services have the option to use any EHR/EMR in the market and yet utilize the iCareBilling’s RCM Services without worrying about data migration, data integration, and changing clinical workflows.

iCareBilling made this decision to focus on the Services Centric Business Model to allow healthcare providers to enjoy the freedom of choosing the EHR/EMR which are compatible and specialized to their specialty and take Medical Billing Services from industry experts. iCareBilling’s EHR/EMR adaptation is not limited to EHR companies that offers integration, and a manual workflow is also available to serve their customer better.

The iCareBilling system contains different reports for easy analysis, including daily charges submission, payment posting, account receivable reports with insurance-wise breakdown, clearinghouse reports, electronic remittances reports. All these reports are built into the system and could be customized and tailored according to the specific medical practice workflow used. Therefore, using iCareBilling allows for a great patient experience when compared to other competitors. After all, transparency is important within the medical field.

With strong support and a battle-hardened team of experts, iCareBilling is always there to support its clients. The company has great experience in the monitoring of telemedicine and the healthcare sector and its operations is always on standby and willing to go above and beyond in supporting their customer’s lovely EHRs/EMRs.

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