A society without charity would be no society at all. Indeed, charitable initiatives are a hallmark of a civilized society, and it is only through rendering aid to those in need that we make the world a better place. As a decentralized platform that is dedicated to improving the world, HyperDAO has officially created a new “charity protocol”, with the aim of helping the community realize their dreams. 

Some may ask: “how does blockchain and charity come together?” Some readers may think that these are two separate and distinctive concepts since they are rarely mentioned together in the same sentence. However, blockchain technology has certain qualities that are ideal for charities, such as decentralization, a high degree of transparency, and immutability. 

The most crucial thing that blockchain technology can bring to the charity sector is the implementation of a trust-less means of helping the needy. By employing blockchain technology, charity organizations can attain a high degree of transparency on most matters, such as fundraising, project development, where the funds are directed to, and so on. Since the transaction records will be available for everyone on-chain, donors can have full confidence that their donations are put to good use. 

As a pioneer for the decentralized DAO model, HyperDAO has achieved great momentum in the charity field. Our objective is to use blockchain technology and the DAO management model to transform the world, and to derive value through increased efficiency. 

It is believed that through HyperDAO’s charity initiative, more users can receive more opportunities to improve their quality of life. Information can be freely shared amongst the community, and users can now have the freedom to pursue their dreams. In the future, inequality will be eradicated, and everyone will be on equal footing. 

With the help of blockchain technology, HyperDAO’s charity initiative can improve the charity sector, bring about more transparency, and push the sector forward with the goal of sustainable development. 

Even though the current pandemic is still rampaging through the world, HyperDAO remains committed to helping those in need. The company intends to partner with mainstream financial institutions, major communities throughout the world, SMEs, or even individual celebrities to promote charitable causes and help more people understand the benefits that DAO governance brings. 

As a decentralized charity platform, HyperDAO wants to invite people from various industries to explore the societal value of blockchain, and to explore how blockchain technology can be applied in the area of public welfare, so that they can truly help the needy and the vulnerable.

Charity is a way to mobilize social resources and promote social justice, as well as an effective way to push for societal progress as a whole. HyperDAO will work to address the needs of vulnerable groups, and they welcome participation to change the world, one step at a time.



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