Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Supports Athletes, Autistic Children, Cancer Patients & People Suffering With Autoimmune Disorders.


There’s a lot to love about hyperbaric oxygen therapy! It is quickly becoming the go to therapy for a wide range of illness and today we want to share with you why.

Sugar Land, TX — (ReleaseWire) — 09/06/2022 — There have been many advancements in hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) in recent years, and now HBOT is considered to be one of the top rehab treatments for professional athletes, autistic children, cancer patients, stroke patients, people with brain injuries, mold toxicity, sudden hearing loss, and people suffering with autoimmune disorders all around the country.

A lot of people are just beginning to learn about hyperbaric oxygen therapy and all of it’s amazing benefits. So why is this the go to treatment for countless people? Let’s dig into that:

It Reduces Inflammation & Swelling For Athletes

Professional and amateur athletes are turning to HBOT when they’re experiencing swelling and inflammation pains. The reason why HBOT works for these symptoms is because it helps increase the overall blood flow within a patient by providing increased oxygen levels to injured tissues.

So HBOT is now a viable option for athletes that are looking to reduce their recovery times and get back on the field as quickly as possible!

Boosting Immune System Functionality For Cancer Patients

When a cancer patient enters an HBOT chamber and receives treatment, they’ll subsequently reap the many benefits of the high-oxygen environment. Improving immune system functionality is crucial for cancer patients of all types, and HBOT has now also been proven to inhibit and reduce tumor growth.

Of course a lot of cancer patients undergo traditional treatment options like chemotherapy and radiation, and HBOT is also a good option to help alleviate the often-troubling side effects associated with these treatments as well.

Growing Nerve Cells & Reducing Nerve Pains

Chronic nerve pain is very common all throughout the country, and these symptoms are often referred to as neuropathy. What’s great about HBOT is that it helps a patient catalyze natural healing processes, and this helps reduce all sorts of neuropathy symptoms.

Nerve pain is a really debilitating health issue that can make patients feel like there’s no true cure in sight, but hyperbaric oxygen therapy is providing a solution for neuropathy patients.

Supporting TBI Patients

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) happen to millions of Americans every single year, and depending upon the severity of the brain injury, these health issues can be rather difficult to treat properly.

The good news is that HBOT is quickly becoming one of the go-to treatment options for TBI patients everywhere. The improved blood flow results from HBOT are helping chronic pain and brain functionality for people who need it most.

Improving The Lives of Autistic Children

Autism, or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), is often a complex and difficult health condition for children all over America. ASD is also often very burdening on parents who aren’t quite sure what they can do to alleviate their child’s symptoms.

What’s great about HBOT is that it has now been proven to support autistic children with their language reception and social interaction skills. Although HBOT can seem pretty scary for a child, parents are usually allowed in the treatment room to make kids feel safer. There are also chambers that fit two people so that parents can go in with their children..

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Is Quickly Becoming A Popular Method Throughout The Country!

The technology of hyperbaric oxygen treatment is revolutionizing how countless patients and athletes receive treatment for health conditions and injuries.

There’s no denying that HBOT provides incredible results for a very wide spectrum of health conditions, and it will only continue to grow in popularity throughout the rest of 2022 and into 2023!

About Balanced Body Functional Medicine
Balanced Body Functional Medicine is a functional medicine facility based in Houston, Texas that supports patients with a wide variety of health needs.

The Balanced Body team is now providing hyperbaric oxygen treatment for patients in the Houston and Sugar Land Area. You can learn more about their treatments here or give them a call – (281) 426-0106

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