How Zirconia Crowns for Children Is Changing Pediatric Dentistry

Many parents are turning to zirconia crowns for children when their child is in need of tooth restorations, and here’s why!

Garland, TX — (ReleaseWire) — 04/29/2022 — There’s no denying how stressful it can be on parents when they find out that their child is in need of a dental crown due to tooth damages, dental decay or any other kind of developmental issue. What’s relieving for so many families is that zirconia crowns for children are now making these troubling scenarios much more manageable.

Zirconia crowns truly are a state-of-the-art innovation for the entire pediatric dentistry industry, and this is partly because they provide tooth-like aesthetics and functionality that provide patients with the best of both worlds. Every child deserves high-quality dental restorations when they’re in need of them, and below is an overview detailing how zirconia crowns are supporting families everywhere!

Reasons Why A Child May Require A Dental Crown

There are many pediatric dental crown scenarios that parents should know about, including:

When a child experiences an accident or blow to their mouth, which results in significant tooth damage.

When a child has a cavity that’s been neglected.

When a child is at a high risk of significant tooth decay and other poor oral hygiene concerns.

Benefits Of Zirconia Crowns For Children
Zirconia crowns just so happen to be one of the best options available in today’s dental marketplace when it comes to tooth-like aesthetics. This is very important for children needing a dental crown, because it provides a natural appearance that helps maintain the patient’s self-confidence.

Longevity and overall durability is another big benefit for younger patients and parents, because there’s now no need to worry about potential chipping or breaks that can potentially occur while utilizing other types of dental crowns. Some other benefits of zirconia crowns for children that parents can expect include the following:

Unparalleled aesthetic quality in which the dental crown looks identical to a patient’s natural teeth.

A metal-free construction that’s beneficial on many health standpoints.

Incredible biocompatibility, which means that parents don’t need to worry about the potential of allergic or adverse reactions that could be harmful for a child’s body.

Great durability that makes zirconia crowns long-lasting and resistant to breaks and chips.

Zirconia crowns also don’t ever decay or discolor, so they maintain their great appearance for a child patient’s foreseeable future.

Zirconia Crowns For Children Are Here To Stay

Countless studies have recently been conducted to verify the validity and overall safety of zirconia crowns for both children and adults in need of dental restorations, and every single study has proven positive results about this cutting-edge dental crown technology.

It’s safe to say that zirconia crowns for children aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, and this is incredible news for parents and young patients everywhere!

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