How Witness Protocol Is Taking Back Intellectual Property From Corporations Using Fantom Blockchain

Witness Protocol: ready to use intellectual property protection
Intellectual property protection is a fundamental right for every creator. Being it an image, an NFT or a piece of written code or novel, you have the right to be protected without paying incredible amount of money to big corporations.

Witness Protocol came to life to allow users to fully protect their intellectual property in a independent, trustless and distributed way. 

Lately, many utility tokens have been created on FTM network: the incredibly low gas fees and the indubitable speed of Fantom Opera allows dApps and Tokens to be exchanged in the most efficient way.

Witness is based on the fact that Copyright is an automatic right under international law but if a work is used without permission, one will have to prove that he is the original creator and the date it was created. In reality, this can be very hard to do. 

Registering a work with Witness immediately generate a digital certificate with a unique reference number and the date it was registered providing independent, credible proof of copyright under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

By design, Witness services generate a lifetime valid certificate that will be usable until the country copyright laws allow it. Witness is build on the blockchain and all the services are issued on it. This means that no matters what happens to the company, the site or the various systems, the blockchain will guarantee your protection to be fully valid anyway.

The Witness Token ($WPT) –

Powering the whole Witness ecosystem, $WITNESS token is used as the main currency to maintain, produce and regulate the usage of Witness Protocol. Thanks to specifically crafted tokenomics, $WITNESS allows users to protect their works using any currency supported by the blockchain used (USDC, USDT, FTM, BNB…) without having to convert them or do complicate bridging.

Specifically, 8% of every transaction made with $WPT is destined to liquidity growth, marketing expansion and development funds.

More, being Witness services payable in any major currency on FTM chain, 40% of the revenue obtained on the service are used to buy and burn $WPT tokens. Another 10% is given back to the user.

The Witness NFT Certificate

Cryptographically secure certificates exist since a long time, but nothing like the immutable, distribute and independently guaranteed safety of a NFT has been ever created until now. Besides the common art and collectible use cases, NFTs represents a real revolution in certification and safe trustless verification. In Witness, they mint a fully fledged NFT representing the immutable state of a work and all the necessary metadata that guarantee without doubts the real ownership in that precise moment.

Witness Protocol Key Points:

• Every token on FTM blockchain is accepted

• 40% of service price goes to $WITNESS token liquidity

• 10% of service price is given back to the user

• $WTB token ensure durability, support and constant evolution of the project

• The growth of the project leads to a living ecosystem

In conclusion, $WTB tokens act as shares of Witness Company and ensure an even more robust, distributed and trustless protection.

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