Today, water-soluble fertilizers have been recognized and used by many growers. Not only are the formulations diverse, but also the methods of use are diverse. They can be used for flushing and drip irrigation to improve fertilizer utilization; foliar spraying can supplement root topdressing. Solve the demand for nutrients during crop growth, save labor costs and improve production efficiency. However, in order to achieve better results, it is necessary to master some fertilization skills of water-soluble fertilizers.

1. Master the dosage

 Excessive use of water-soluble fertilizers will not only not help crops grow, but will also cause crop roots to burn and cause soil problems, so you must pay more attention to the amount of water-soluble fertilizers.

Water-soluble fertilizer has high nutrient content and high purity. During the fertilization process, the amount used is significantly less than other fertilizers. About 5 kg per mu can meet the needs of crop growth and will not cause waste of fertilizer.

2. Master the nutrient balance

 Crops in different periods have different nutrient requirements. Planters should choose water-soluble fertilizers according to the crop conditions, otherwise, it will affect the normal growth of crops. Taking water-soluble fertilizers with a large number of elements as an example, use balanced or high-nitrogen water-soluble fertilizers in the seedling and germination stages of crops, use high-phosphorus water-soluble fertilizers before and after flowering, and use high-potassium water-soluble fertilizers in the fruit-expanding stage to ensure balanced nutrients and increase crop yields quality.

In addition, water-soluble fertilizers should be used after secondary dilution, and should not be used with flood irrigation, so as to avoid waste of fertilizers, excessive or insufficient local nutrients.

3. Pay attention to soil adjustment

Long-term use of fertilizers will inevitably cause damage to the soil. If it is found that no matter how much water-soluble fertilizer is used, the growth of crops has not been improved, but the soil problem has become more serious, and it is necessary to use microbial agents to improve the soil.

The effect of water-soluble fertilizer has been witnessed by planting friends, but if you want to use the effect and exert its greater effect, you still need to master the fertilization skills.

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