How to Use the 12V Car Cigarette Lighter Plug Correctly

The original design of the car cigarette lighter plug is to facilitate the majority of smokers in the process of driving to light the cigarette. Driving on the way to pull out the lighter to light a cigarette behavior is likely to cause hidden dangers to driving safety, and no windproof design of the lighter is not easy to light the cigarette, so no open flame car cigarette lighter also came into being.

Later, the car cigarette lighter interface can also be powered to a variety of car electronic devices, which greatly facilitates the life of the majority of car users. This is the main reason that although not every car owner smokes, but the car will be equipped with a cigarette lighter plug.

How to Use the Car Cigarette Lighter Plug?

First of all, you need to press the button of the car cigarette lighter plug, after pressing the cigarette lighter plug will automatically heat, wait until the cigarette lighter automatically heated to a certain temperature, the cigarette lighter will automatically pop up, at this time to remove the cigarette lighter can be used. After using the car cigarette lighter, do not place it in the power port for a long time to prevent burning the cigarette lighter.

Car cigarette lighter plug is a similar to the home power supply multi-hole socket, through the plug into the car power, and then lead to a number of cigarette lighter socket electronic devices, although the car cigarette lighter is set up for the convenience of the owner smoking, but for safety reasons, we still recommend that owners do not smoke in the process of driving the car, so as not to affect the normal operation of the car.

Cigarette lighter plug in the process of use do not easily pull it out, many cars cigarette lighter was pulled away after leaving only a jack, if the jack is exposed for a long time, there will be a certain safety hazard in the process of using the car.

If the conductive foreign body will be directly connected to the positive and negative terminals in the jack, it will cause a short circuit, and in serious cases, it will also burn the fuse of the cigarette lighter plug, which is very dangerous, so that when not using the cigarette lighter, it is best to plug the cigarette lighter back in.

As the cigarette lighter in the car are taken from the car’s generator DC power, if you use the cigarette lighter without starting the engine, it will directly consume the power of the battery.

Common Car Cigarette Lighter Plug Misuse:

1. The cigarette lighter plug interface is exposed;

2. The external devices are not unplugged when starting: When the car starts, the external devices on the cigarette lighter are easily burned under the impact of the high starting current, especially MP3 and U disk. Therefore, remember to unplug it after use, and then plug it in when the car is started;

3. The cigarette lighter plug was not plugged back in after the on-board equipment was used up: if the exposed cigarette lighter jack falls into metal, liquid and other substances, it is likely to cause a short circuit and blow the fuse;

4. The external device is not unplugged after the car is turned off: Because the settings of the vehicles are different, the power supply of some cigarette lighters is not turned off when the vehicle is turned off, and many vehicles still have electricity. Therefore, placing external devices on the cigarette lighter plug for a long time is likely to cause a waste of vehicle power;

5. Shaking when unplugging and plugging: use when plugging and unplugging shaking so that the external device plug arc reed deformation, caused by the insertion of loose, poor contact and affect the conductivity, sometimes power on and off; (If this happens, you can adjust the power plug arc reed to deal with.)

6. The operation of the car when the constant collision cigarette lighter plug, causing loosening.

The Role of the Car Cigarette Lighter

1. Ignition

Insert the cigarette lighter into the power plug of the car, and press it down to fix it. When the heating wire of the cigarette lighter plug reaches the temperature, it will automatically pop out. At this time, the heating wire will turn red and it can be ignited. Put the cigarette lighter back into the power plug area after using.

2. Vehicle Power Supply

It should be the practice of most car buyers to use the cigarette lighter socket as a car power supply, but everyone should prevent the use of electrical appliances with an output power exceeding 120W in the car. Because the maximum current that the cigarette lighter power circuit can carry is generally 10A (also 20A). According to the calculation of the 12V working voltage of the cigarette lighter plug, if the total output power of the car cutoff exceeds 120W, then the cigarette lighter power circuit will loaded.

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