How to Use LinkedIn for Marketing?

LinkedIn is widely used by recruiters and is considered the leading social network to seek employment. But besides this primary purpose of the platform, LinkedIn is an amazing marketing tool many businesses don’t use. 

The platform can be used for lead generation, building a solid network, establishing partnerships, and creating brand recognition. LinkedIn is a very impactful tool, and if used right, it can become a helpful resource for your business in many ways. 

Below are a few tips on how to use LinkedIn for marketing purposes. 

Create a strong brand and build a reputation 

Use the platform to build a reputation and earn trust for your brand. Millions of professionals worldwide use LinkedIn, and you have the chance to interact with them. Post regularly and build connections. 

The goal is to express your brand and share your culture, vision, and values through the means of content. Let people know who you are, what you do, and how to help them solve their problems. 

Build relationships with experts

This specific tip is very useful for startups and companies which are only starting their journey. LinkedIn is the perfect place to gain knowledge about business and build relationships with experts. 

Learn from experienced entrepreneurs and try to add them to your connections. When inviting them, make sure to send a personal invitation with a short message about who you are, what you do, and how this connection may be beneficial for both sides. For example, you can use the LinkedHelper instrument, a great lead generation and automation tool for LinkedIn. With this tool, you’ll be able to overcome the invitation limit on the platform and make more connections while supporting every invite with a personal message. Moreover, you can automate all these processes and set up auto-replies. 

Generate leads

It is pretty easy to generate leads on LinkedIn. You can get new leads both organically and via ads. 

To attract customers organically, you can optimize your content for search engines. Another option is joining LinkedIn groups and communicating directly with your potential customers. How to do it? Post in the groups, comment and interact with its members, invite them to follow your page. Use links in posts so people can easily visit your website and learn more about you. 

Use your network and internal team

Encourage employees to add the company as a workplace to their profiles. Thus, they will automatically become brand page followers. They can also share the posts from the company’s profile and help you reach a larger audience. This is an effective way to gain trust, as people see a more personalized and humanized approach when actual employees and team members actively participate and develop the brand. 

Another excellent opportunity to attract more attention and increase engagement is to be active yourself and interact with other people. Like and comment on their posts, show your appreciation and initiate communication. 

To sum up

As part of your marketing strategy, LinkedIn helps engage the community, develop your brand and drive actions. Build out the process and use the platform to raise brand awareness, generate leads and build connections. LinkedIn focuses more on individuals, so it is a great tool to build strong relationships with your potential and actual customers.

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