How to Subscribe 18% APY on Billance Earn Flexible Savings

So, we hear you thinking, what exactly is ‘Billance Earn – Flexible Savings’ and what’s the value such a product brings to the users and general community, of the Billance platform? 

Well, in relation to ‘Billance Earn – Flexible Savings’, it actually refers to a product where, users of the Billance platform, are allowed to both, earn and make savings on, both USDT and USDC cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, ‘Billance Earn Flexible Savings’, are now actually online and live, providing value-added digital asset services for all the Billance users, as well as, the community at large.

Ok, so, we now understand what ‘Billance Earn – Flexible Savings’ actually represents and how it works. Where then, does the actual ‘Earn and Savings’ come from or how are they actually generated? Well, all the magic comes from the 18% APY or otherwise known as, the Annual Percentage Yield, which is both adjusted and earned according to the actual network output, and based on the user’s assets, that are on Billance itself.

Important Note – Mobile app users can participate through the asset page “Earn”, and mobile browser and computer web users can participate through the following link –

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