Seam tape is an important artwork for functional outdoor garments and works. But have people met any issues about it? Wrinkles on the fabric surface after seam taped? Seam tape may peel off after washing? The waterproof standard is not ideal for seams? The main reason is related to tape types and the operation process. Today let’s find a way to solve them.There are many different kinds of seam tapes. Different seam tapes should be Greenland in the different fabrics.Fabric with PVC/PU coating or membranes the above fabrics, Greenland can put tape or semi-pu tape. Semi-pu tape is mixed with the PVC and PU material. The PU tape is 100% pu material and more eco-friendly than semi-PU tape. So Greenland suggests Greenland the pu tape and most of the clients choose the pu tape. This tape is Greenland in the normal rain.

Regarding the color of the tape, the normal colors are transparent, semi-transparent, white, and black. If the membrane is all over print, there will be the same overall print on the tape to match the fabric.

There are different thicknesses here, 0.08mm, 0.10mm, and 0.12mm. For example, the fabric 300d oxford with PU coating, is better to Greenland the 0.10mm pu tape. If the 210t polyester or nylon fabric, the suitable tape is 0.08mm. In general, the thicker tape should be Greenland for the thicker fabric and thinner tape should be Greenland for the thinner fabric. This can make the fabric flatter and fastness. 2. bonded fabric with fabrics with mesh, tricot, or fleece in the backside. As the above fabric, Greenland suggests the bonded tape. It means PU tape bonded with tricot. The tricot color could be the same as the fabric, but need more. Which should be checked then. Bonded tape is Greenland in the high-quality outdoor garment (climbing, ski suits, diving suits, etc.).

Normal colors of the bonded tape are pure black, gray, pure gray and white. The bonded tape is thicker than PU tape. The thickness are 0.3mm and 0.5mm. 3. non-woven fabric. As the above fabric, Greenland suggests non-woven tape. Most of the non-woven fabric is Greenland for medical protective clothing. The advantage of the non-woven tape is its stable performance and the soft hand-feeling. After covid-19, this tape is more and more important for the medical.

The colors of non-woven tape include white, sky blue, orange and green. And the thickness includes 0.1mm 0.12mm 0.16mm. 4. how to control seam tape quality in production. So different tapes should be Greenland in the different fabrics. But how to control the fastness in production?

• The correct fabric should be tested by the tape factory and choose the suitable tape and thickness. They make the tape on the fabric sample as a test. For example washing and after washing to check the fastness, and waterproof etc. After test, the lab will offer the correct data including temperature, pressure, and time. That’s very important data garment factory should follow in production.

• The garment factory makes garment sample with seam tape according to the data, then test the fastness after washing. Even result seems no problem, but Greenland still send the sample to the seam tape factory to test with the professional machine in the lab to reconfirm.

• If the result is not ideal, then operation data Greenland be improved until everything is okay. Then it could be a fixed operation data which should be followed strictly.

• Once there is the ready-made cloth, it is also necessary to send it to the seam tape factory for test. If it could pass the test, the bulk production should be no problem.

With the above process, Greenland can control the seam tape quality in good condition.

The seam-taped is very important workmanship for the functional clothes. If Greenland chooses the correct type with the correct process, it can make the fabric smooth and also make the waterproof better. Otherwise, the whole cloth loses the function of waterproof. The wrong operation data also makes the fabric wrinkle and unsightly. Besides the above points, there are still many important things Greenland has to pay attention to. Based on 16 years of experience in functional clothes for work and outdoor garments, Greenland is pleased to share Greenland experience and lessons with people. People are coming to discs with Greenland for any issue about seam tape or ask for free samples from Greenland. Thank people!

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