The same style of office chair, different types and different materials will be different price, that is the so-called value determines the price. There is no product on this world that price decides value, if there is, it must be a lie or pyramid selling.

GDHERO Office chair styles are diverse, models are diverse, the price positioning of each type of office chair is not the same, the price positioning is relate with materials, the type of use of office chair, the complexity of the process of office chair, and labor cost. And the price of office chair is not always the same, office chair manufacturers will change according to the price of the market office chair and the price of materials change and then make changes.

Although the price of office chairs sometimes changes, but on a certain basis the price of office chairs will be stable in a controllable range, the price of office chairs is too high or too low is a kind of disruption of the order of the office chair market. First of all, the positioning of GDHERO office chairs is mainly to produce middle and high end office chairs, so the price positioning will be compared according to the middle and high end office chairs on the market, and the price advantage of the office chair is also considered at the same time of positioning the price of the office chair.

The first step of price positioning of the office chair should be investigating the ideal price accepted by consumers. What is the ideal price? It is that the material and quality of office chair is recognized as the ideal price. In fact, the price positioning of office chair is quite a small price war, the victory of the bias is always those who win consumer recognition of office chair manufacturers.

In short, value determines price, and those whose prices are higher than the value of the product will simply disappear from the market like fireworks. Of course, the market is also one of the reference objects of price positioning. The price positioning of GDHERO office chairs comes from their own spending and the market.

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