Diaper rash is common and can happen no matter how carefully parents look after their baby’s bottom. Almost all children who wear diapers get diaper rash at some stage. As parents, what they can do is try thier best to prevent diaper rash from happening and protect babies’ skin health.

Causes of diaper rash

1. Wearing a wet or dirty diaper for too long. This is the main cause of diaper rash. Prolonged dampness, friction and ammonia released from wee can irritate your baby’s skin.

2. Using bad quality of diaper. Breathability is an essential quality of disposable diapers but poor breathability diapers stop air circulating normally and keep the nappy area damp.

3. Soaps and detergents left on cloth diapers after washing or harmful chemicals on disposable diapers can also contribute to diaper rash.

Diaper rash prevention

1. Change baby’s diapers frequently

Frequent diaper changes keep your baby’s bottom clean and dry. Check every hour to see if your baby’s nappy is wet or soiled. Disposable diapers are better for nappy rash because they absorb more moisture and keep nappy area dry immediately. Choose disposable diapers with wet indicator if you are tired of checking baby’s nappy, this will certainly save much of your time.

2. Let baby’s bottom ‘air’

Don’t fastening your baby’s diaper too tight, this will make her uncomfortable. Give baby’s bottom some air for as long as possible every day to allow air to circulate freely. Use breathable and soft diaper and change it frequently so that the air in her bottom circulates.

3. Always keep baby’s nappy area clean and dry.

Use lukewarm water and cotton wool cloth or baby wipes to gently wash your baby’s skin after each nappy change. When bathing baby, use a gentle, soap-free wash and avoid soaps or bubble baths.

4. Use an appropriate protective cream after each nappy change

Protective barrier creams like Vaseline or zinc and castor oil can help keep child’s skin in good condition.Using baby powder or protective barrier creams is an excellent choice to keep baby’s skin in good condition. Put the cream on thickly to stop wee or poo touching baby’s skin.

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