How to Make Stool Mould and the Advantages of Stool Mould?

Moulds have now become the basis of industrial development, and plastic moulds account for 35%~40% of the total moulds, and the application of plastic molding moulds occupies a leading position in the application of all kinds of moulds. With the development of China’s economy, the country’s economic construction continues to develop steadily, the production of plastic parts is becoming more and more extensive, and the plastic molding industry is becoming increasingly important in the ba sic industry. In this article, we introduce stool moulds. The machining process for casting system, molding parts, demolding mechanism, inclined top bar side core extraction mechanism, mold closing guide mechanism, temperature regulation system, exhaust system and some parts.

The  stool mouldis used to bear the load, then it must have a certain strength, stool mould to meet this basic requirement must be structural design and force analysis. The structural design is to design the sharp corners, ribs, reinforcement, wall thickness, etc. of the plastic parts; while the force analysis is mainly carried out by static calculation and static analysis of ANSYS software. Structural design can help to optimize and save materials, while force analysis is based on the existing structure to see if it can withstand a certain load, so that the product shape of qualified plastic bench can be designed. Modeling design is the first step of stool mold design, with 3D modeling can be in the PROE mfg module of the mold cavity sub-module for 3D modeling layout, create workpiece, create parting surface, partition workpiece, create molding parts, generate cavity core, add mold frame and a series of steps, and finally generate two-dimensional drawings. Among them, the addition of mold frame can be done by manual modeling or by using EMX4.1 standard mold frame library.

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