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Finding a high-quality luxury apartment in Dhaka is not an easy task, especially while the population of Dhaka continues to grow exponentially. In this article, brought to someone by BestBari, we discuss helpful tips to help everyone find his next dream flat in Dhaka.

In Bangladesh, thousands of property listings are available on internet classified websites and even in his local newspaper. The problem is not quantity; it is quality – most of these websites include sub-grade property listings that are usually not checked or screened, and some of these listings are even not for sale!

Furthermore, most of these advertised listings do not include luxury or top-tier apartments catered to affluent individuals and families. Top-tier luxury flats in Dhaka are rarely advertised publicly, and buyers are only often informed from their exclusive real-estate broker relationships. Fortunately, BestBari is changing this. Customers in Bangladesh will have online access to top-tier luxury flat sales in Dhaka using our online marketplace shortly, so please stay tuned!

Step 1. Know what you want

Everyone’s perfect home depends on what someone’s personal need and wants are and what someone expects from his Dhaka apartment. In Bangladesh, location is everything – and that’s where someone should start.

Everyone’s perfect home depends on someone’s personal needs and wants and what someone expects from his Dhaka apartment. In Bangladesh, location is everything – and that’s where someone should start.

Once someone has picked a location, narrow down his scope and think about how bedrooms, bathrooms, maid rooms, and car parking he needs. Does someone prefer a city view with nightlights or look out towards the tranquil rivers and rowing boats? What

about the amenities someone and his family are both looking for? Is a gym, roof-top pool, or hot tub on everyone’s bucket list?


Step 2. What’s your budget?

The funding of someone’s new home can be purchased using cash, a home loan a combination of the two.

If someone is looking to fund his property with a home loan, get pre-approval from his private banker as soon as possible. The pre-approval will give someone a good indication of his maximum budget if he is looking to borrow. The pre-approval will consist of the bank assessing his income and expenses and determining the capacity and maximum amount he can borrow. If anyone is looking to use cash, he can move even faster as cash is king. Whether he wishes to use cash, debt, or a combination – he needs to  set a budget for his ideal luxury proper

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