How to Do the Daily Maintenance of Pressing Mold Accessories?

Due to the high frequency of daily use of mold accessories and the harsh construction environment, the daily maintenance of mold accessories is particularly important. Good daily maintenance can make the life of the press mold parts longer and can better exert its advantages in the daily use of the mold parts. Next, I will introduce to you how to do the daily maintenance of pressing mold accessories. Friends who are interested in this, then go to the next to learn more about it.Β 

1. Replacement of damaged parts

In the use of mold parts, elastic parts such as springs are more prone to problems. Generally, they are prone to fracture and deformation. If such damage occurs, it can only be dealt with by replacement. In the process of replacement, pay attention to selecting mutual Matching spring size and model. Even the best-selling stamping die parts may be broken and bent. Properly soaking with water during use can prevent the punch from heating up and reduce wear. If it is damaged, you can buy parts of the same specification for replacement.

2. Daily demagnetization maintenance

The cutting edge should be polished after long-term use of the pressing mold, so as to ensure that the sharpness of the mold parts remains the same. Good quality pressing mold parts need to pay more attention to the usual maintenance, and when there is a small problem, it should be dealt with and repaired in time to avoid the expansion of the problem.

3. Check and maintain pressing parts

In daily use, you should always check and maintain the pressing parts such as the pressing plate, etc., and repair the damaged parts in time. When there is air leakage in the pneumatic parts, corresponding measures should be taken according to the specific situation. Any equipment and machines need to be maintained in daily use, in order to make its effect fully play and greatly increase

Its service life, the pressing mold parts should be replaced in time for damaged parts in daily maintenance, daily demagnetization maintenance and inspection and maintenance of related equipment are three points. Only by implementing these three points in daily use can it be protected to a greater extent. Press mold not be damaged.

The daily maintenance and operation of the pressing mold accessories is briefly introduced here, and it is all over. I don’t know if you have a complete grasp of the above questions? If you still have doubts and want to know more, you can leave us a message, Aojie Mould will provide you with warm service, and look forward to your reading and feedback.

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