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Most of the newly renovated houses are more concerned about: large pieces of furniture, electrical appliances, decoration style, etc., and there may be little attention to details such as small furniture accessories. But I want to say that details determine success or failure. Today, let’s take a look at the manufacturer of the blue metal furniture leg to see which material is better for the sofa leg?

Gold couch legs

1. The sofa legs are divided by material

Generally, the materials of sofa legs include logs, metal, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, rubber hard wheels, plastics, etc. Among them, stainless steel and zinc alloy are more common in modern decoration.

2. The sofa legs are matched with the sofa

Generally speaking, sofas of different materials often determine the material of the sofa legs. There are also creative collocations that you can choose according to your own preferences.

3. Comparison of sofa legs with different materials

Wooden sofa legs:

Generally, it is matched with wooden sofa. This kind of arithmetic is the more traditional Chinese sofa leg material. Generally Chinese style or new Chinese style is more suitable. The wooden sofa is called on our side: the boss chair. Good wooden sofa legs are durable, but the price is relatively high. Long-term use may cause mildew, and it is troublesome to clean and maintain.

Metal sofa legs:

It is more durable, but it gives people a cold feeling, but there is no need to worry about being damp and moldy, and the price is relatively low. It has high density, smooth and delicate surface, low load-bearing capacity, anti-oxidation, and good aesthetics. It is deeply loved by modern young people.

Gold sofa legs

Plastic sofa legs: Wear-resistant and non-slip, it is beneficial to protect the ground and has a lower cost. But the plastic has low hardness and low bearing capacity.

Rubber hard wheel sofa legs: The most characteristic of rubber is high temperature resistance and good wear resistance.

4. Summary

Different materials have different characteristics and attributes, and owners can choose according to their needs. In addition, a sofa leg can be composed of different materials, which is also very beautiful and practical.

High couch legs

The above is the relevant introduction on how to choose the sofa leg. First, learn more about the product information of the metal sofa leg, please contact us!

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