With the intelligentization of society, people’s demand for products is becoming more and more diversified. Take plastic products as an example, all kinds of novel and unique plastic products on the market are emerging one after another. The emergence of diversification of plastic products also means that the requirements for injection molding machines are becoming more and more diversified. Therefore, when choosing an injection machine, it is necessary to choose a suitable plastic molding machine for different injection products. Since there are many types and structures of injection molded products, there are also many types of injection machines used to mold injection molded products. Haike Plastic Machinery categorizes injection molding machines in the following ways:

1. Classified according to the plasticization and injection methods of raw materials.

2. According to the different types of injection molding machine shape and structure.

3. According to the processing capacity of the injection molding machine.

4. Classified according to the special purpose of the injection machine.

According to the plasticization and injection methods of raw materials, injection molding machines can be divided into (1) plunger type, (2) reciprocating screw type (3) screw plasticizing plunger injection type.

According to the different shape and structure of the injection machine, it can be divided into (1) vertical injection machine, (2) horizontal injection machine, (3) angle injection machine, (4) multi-mold injection machine, (5) combined injection machine

injection molding machine

According to the processing capacity, the injection machines are classified into (1) ultra-small injection machines, (2) small injection machines, (3) medium injection machines, (4) large injection machines (5) super large injection machines

According to the purpose of the injection machine, it can be divided into (1) general injection machine, (2) exhaust injection machine, (3) precision high-speed injection machine, (4) plastic shoe injection machine, (5) three injection head Single-position injection machine, (6) Double-injection head and two-position injection machine.

Choose the right injection machine according to different plastic products. Then the injection molding products made will surely achieve half the result with half the effort. Improving product quality also improves production efficiency, and recently increased production capacity, which means that it can create more profits for the enterprise. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good plastic molding machine.

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