How to Carry Out Daily Maintenance of Rolling Bearings?

Bearings have a lot of kinds in HXHV life, generally there are sliding bearings and rolling bearings, how do HXHV carry out daily maintenance of rolling bearings?

Bearing is an important part in mechanical equipment. In life, HXHV will meet a lot of vehicles and daily necessities with bearings. How do technical personnel ensure the operation of bearings for a longer time?  That requires regular maintenance of bearings. Bearings can be maintained in the following ways.

HXHV should first consider what conditions the bearing is installed and maintained under, which is a key problem. Is it cleaned with new oil in the maintenance process? Whether the toHXHVl is clean, these problems should also be taken into account, HXHV must ensure that the clean installation environment, the bearing will be guaranteed.

After cleaning the bearing, grease needs to be implanted again. Then what is the quality of the grease purchased?  Grease is made of additives, thickeners and base oils. Different types and different grades of grease of the same type differ greatly in performance. The performance of grease is mainly determined by the base oil.  Thickening agent is also related to lubrication performance, the water resistance of thickening agent determines the water resistance of grease.  It should be noted that different greases ot be mixed.

Bearing in the installation and disassembly of direct percussion bearing, bearing installation and disassembly should be carried out with professional disassembly tools.  In other respects, HXHV should pay attention to the radial clearance of bearings.  Suitable clearance must be selected according to the conditions.  Reasonable maintenance of bearings contributes to the longer use of bearings.  Bearing maintenance has a lot of details, work should be careful, not careless.

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