How Studypaq Encourages Students to Uphold the Honor Code in Their Colleges

Sunnyvale, CA – April 8, 2022 – A prominent part of life at colleges and universities in the USA is the honor code. Most colleges have some type of an honor code, the basic purpose of which is to prevent cheating or deal with its occurrence through judicial committees, peer juries and fundamental standards. An honor code goes a long way in ensuring a fair and ethical environment in colleges and universities.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic brought about a sea of change in the educational systems of the USA and Canada. The ensuing nationwide lockdowns prevented students from attending physical classes as institutions remained shut.

Teachers and professors were compelled to turn to online classes. Amidst the shift was the hurdle that many educators needed a fair bit of training to be able to hold classes effectively through the new method. 

The result was that the curriculum went haywire and there was a serious time crunch in completing the syllabus.

Says Dhruv Sampat, edtech veteran and Founder, Studypaq, “When the pandemic was at its height in March 2020, institutions suspended physical classes. Consequently, the education system was badly hit for the initial 2 months. Educators were focused on how to maintain the status quo and tried the best to complete the syllabus. That semester was badly affected as no one was prepared to deal with the situation.”

Even though physical classes have resumed in most colleges, specialists believe that the hybrid model is here to stay, that is, education will henceforth be a mix of online and offline classes.

Dhruv further states,” In the next 5 years, I anticipate most students would be studying for 2 or more courses at colleges in different locations and obtaining simultaneous degrees.”

This would be enabled through enhanced technology.

Studypaq aims to rise to the challenge by addressing the ‘Digital Study Help & Online Tutoring’ requirement for college students in the USA and Canada. It provides trusted and curated study resources that enable independent learning, thereby allowing students to learn at their own pace.

Once any student is confident about his topics and course content, the chance of resorting to unethical means of answering an exam automatically becomes negligible.

Studypaq will enable students to delve deeper into subjects, learn from experienced and vetted sources, and apply the knowledge to clear their assignments and exams, thus engaging in honest and ethical means of obtaining education and upholding the code of honor of their respective colleges.

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