How Non-Profit Crowdfunding Site Is Offering Benefit for Recipients and Donors

GiveTaxFree was established to provide tax-free donations and allow people to create crowdfunding campaigns without a hassle

The advent of online crowdfunding platforms in the United States have given Americans the room to become philanthropists in the littlest forms, helping others to raise money for various initiatives. Sadly, as cool as these platforms are, they come with several limitations. For instance, making donations via crowdfunding platforms comes with certain tax inclinations which may create a financial burden for donors.

On this note, was founded as the first-ever crowdfunding platform offering tax-free donations in the United States. The platform makes it easy for people to create crowdfunding campaigns for a wide range of purposes, and when donations are made, the donors enjoy tax deductibles. This initiative aims to create a level playing ground for both recipients of donations and donors to engage in crowdfunding exercises without suffering from unnecessary financial burdens.

Speaking about this initiative, Director of, John Berardino had this to say, β€œWe are a crowdfunding site designed for the specific purpose of helping people raise funds to take care of serious issues affecting people’s lives. You can raise funds for many different purposes, including paying for medical bills, food, housing, rent, home repairs, emergency travel, security, safety, just to name a few. The funds you receive are tax-free, and the person making the donation receives a tax deduction because we have a special non-profit status granted to us by the IRS. We are different from other crowdfunding sites because we can give the donor a tax deduction while other crowdfunding sites cannot.”

GiveTaxFree allows recipients to connect their campaigns directly to Stripe, a third-party credit card processing company that helps them process every donation received. When donations are made, GiveTaxFree sends it to recipients via Wells Fargo’s DirectPay service or by check. Donors in the United States receive a tax deduction letter after they make donations on the GiveTaxFree platform.

Recently, helped Elizabeth Bizik raise $50,000+ to help her fight breast cancer, $2,000+ in memory of Joseph Mendolera, over $8,000 to help Walker pay for his lung and kidney transplant. These campaigns and many others are still on, and donors can visit to donate and get more information.

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