Growing up in a society where heterosexuality is typically promoted as the only acceptable orientation and homosexuality is considered aberrant, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people confront enormous challenges. They continue to experience discrimination and marginalization in all aspects of life around the world. Homophobic violence and assault against LGBT individuals are becoming a common practice in many countries. Same-sex couples in most EU Member States do not have the same rights and protections as opposite-sex couples, and as a result, they face discrimination and disadvantage in accessing social security programs like health care and pensions

Many LGBTQ persons continue to endure discrimination in their relationships, in the workplace and public sphere, and their access to crucial health care, according to new research from the Center for American Progress. Because they are afraid of losing their jobs, the majority of LGBT people continue to hide their sexual orientation or face discrimination in the workplace.

Discrimination and Health

Discrimination and prejudice now come at a hefty cost in terms of one’s well-being. People may feel suicidal, or they may stop going out or meeting new people, putting their mental health at risk. They might suffer depression and anxiety, as well as low self-confidence and self-esteem, among many other problems. 

Activists have launched various movements in support of the LGBT community to save individuals from all of this pain and suffering. Todd Emerson is one such activist who has worked tirelessly to eliminate discrimination. 

Who Is Todd Emerson and How Is He Serving the LGBT Community?

Todd Emerson, an Irish-American retired Veteran, is a 57-year-old gay man. He has worked as an LGBT rights activist and is a member of several organizations, including GL Friendly, the Mississippi Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and the South Mississippi Aid Task Force. In 1993, Emerson organized the first ‘Ocean Springs Pride March’, in Mississippi.  Todd has made a huge progress n shifting the narrative because, due to his efforts, Mississippi is the first city ever to acknowledge lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people by celebrating pride month every year     

Todd has spent decades battling and lobbying for his community’s rights and has received death threats throughout the years, but his commitment to his cause has never wavered. His main purpose is to promote equality and to stop people from being discriminated against due to their sexual orientation. He, along with many other campaigners, has made some progress in raising societal awareness and acceptance. 

It is great to see people like Todd, who have been working hard on putting an end to the discrimination that hundreds of people have been facing for a long time. He has continued to fight for the LGBTQ+ community’s rights, has stood up to tyranny, and has never been afraid to share his opinions. This planet will only become a lot better place to live in if we have more people like him.

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