How Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) Did Not Stop Ebony From Reaching Her Goals

Despite being diagnosed with a rare kidney condition, Ebony strives through the odds with self motivation and courage. The author has published a book to help others face their challenges and succeed

Author, mother, and coach, Ebony Nicole Jones, announces her new book titled “31 day Proverbs Challenge.” The purpose of the book is to provide readers with inspirational materials, resources, and tools to achieve their goals through positive affirmation, prayers, and studying the word of God.

The 101-page book is written in English, published and printed in the US, available in paperback, and can be purchased on Amazon. During hard times people find it challenging to focus and achieve their goals. In 2021, Ebony was diagnosed with focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS), a condition that affects the functions of the kidney. Instead of crawling into a shell, the mother of six decided to take responsibility and fight back. She succeeds in continuing her daily activities to achieve her goals.

Challenges will always come in life but the way we approach and deal with them is what matters. Ebony understands that everyone is not the same, as some people need encouragement and support to overcome their problems. That’s what inspired her to write this book; because she wants to teach others how to remain in total control of their lives and daily activities, even when they’re confronted with the most depressing situations.

31 day Proverbs Challenge is the perfect book for anyone who’s going through challenges in their lives. It contains a 31 day challenge to read the book of PROVERBS and assimilating the wisdom in it. The reader will read a chapter with a verse in focus, and there is space to write down a verse that catches their attention. At the end of each session is a guided prayer. The readers can also write down their own prayers as well. Word of the Day is also provided to engage in affirmations and reassure users that everything will be fine.

What sets the 31day Proverbs Challenge book apart from the competition is the massive collection of tools, resources, and reading aids that comes with it. Users have access to well-prepared and organized resources like weekly planner, monthly view, monthly budget and meal planner, etc. Ebony hopes that readers of her book will use the resources effectively to organize their lives, achieve their goals, find happiness, monitor and track progress.

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Ebony Nicole Jones is a coach, author, and owner of King Lyon Consulting. A consultative marketing technology firm for faith based businesses and organizations. The business marketing and organizational leadership expert runs the Passion To Profit Project where she collaborates with like-minded women to teach her members about money making opportunities.

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