How Does She Do It: Briana Amerson in Some of the Most Stunning Cosplays One Can Find on the Internet

Briana Amerson is one of the most extraordinary people one will see on the internet, especially in the current pop culture. If one is someone who loves cosplay and gaming, the person will love Briana and her creativity. Briana is not like just any other influencer, but she is an amazingly talented cosplayer impressing her audience from home in her comfort zone.

Briana has combined cosplays, gaming, and social media, which has left her audience in amazement. She has been creating some great content which leads her towards great popularity and opportunities like setting up her studio at home where she can work with more flexibility and comfort. Her art is loved and appreciated by many people who follow her, and she has played many famous titles from games like Resident 3, Fortnite, and call of duty. 


Briana also creates and posts some fantastic posters on her Instagram wearing beautiful outfits that match the characters. She pairs it up with the art of makeup lighting and backdrops, making it look marvelous. She lives her fantasy of the gaming world through her art of cosplay. She also accepts offers from her audiences regarding what kind of characters they want her to do. 

Briana’s talent is just exceptional, and it inspires many people. Like her, many people want to dress as their favorite character from anime movies or video games. Everything is carefully chosen, from her outfit to the lights, backdrops, and production. She has her whole studio in her home.

She posts pictures, posters, and transition videos on her Instagram account. She merges cosplay with social media transiting trends that people enjoy watching. This is a new level of creativity, and many follow the steps of Briana and have stepped into this world of art, creating characters from different movies, seasons, shows, or games. In addition to her Instagram, Briana also has a YouTube account where she loves sharing behind the scene of her posters. She shares how she edits her posters and uses Photoshop, her studio, lights, and the whole production system. She also shares the prices and shops from where she got her production setup in her videos. Her studio is very budget-friendly, allowing the viewers to get the knowledge they need if they think of having their home studio. She also has montage videos on her YouTube account for her audience.


Briana has a unique style, and her outfits are always fantastic because they look very similar to the outfits of the characters in the games. Also, they are very attractive and luxurious looking. Furthermore, Briana is a very attractive girl with some stunning makeup skills that allow her to change her face and look more like the characters. She has dressed herself up as some very famous characters loved by millions of people, including Spiderman and Captain Marvel.

Briana is an African American girl who has made her way into the world of social media, where it can be very tough for someone like her because, along with positivity and support, there are many critics on social media. If 100 people support a person, there are also 50 those who don’t, and such people can be very harsh. There is still a lot of racism in every country and in many people’s minds, which makes it very difficult for people like Briana to climb up the ladder who is working on her own every day to bring the content that everyone loves. She gets the costumes and is responsible for the lights, the backdrop, the makeup, and just the entire production. Moreover, her photography is also done by her, as she works from home many people might think that her job is easy, but it isn’t. She works full days and maybe even nights, she has to do everything by herself, and on some days it might be fun, but on other days it can be very stressful, especially when one has people to bring them down, when they post the creative work that they have worked on for days.

Briana is very talented, it can be seen by the quality of her work that is posted on the internet. Her love for cosplay, gaming, photography, and editing does not stop here. She is known by people as ‘Psychikittykat‘ because that is the name, she likes to use for herself. She uses this as her Instagram and YouTube username. In addition to YouTube and Instagram, Briana also owns her own website by the Psychokittykat name, where she sells products such as clothing items or mugs. The website also has some short articles written by Briana, which include reviews about some games. She has categories on her website, which include PC, PS4, XBOX, and every gaming one might be interested in. In every category, articles are talking about the upcoming games, their development, the experience of playing, and the review. She even posts about the upcoming games, retail outlets from where one can get the gaming items or just any other update she wants to share regarding the gaming industry.

Briana is very much interested in gaming which can be seen through her knowledge on the website and the creativity that she has used, along with the love for cosplay that helped her create content on Instagram, which helped her gain popularity. She very carefully analyzes every detail while she plays the games so that she can give details reviews. Even when she recreates those looks for her social media, she pays attention to showing those details in her work, making everything more stunning, attractive, and eye-catching. Her quality of work is very different and unique from others because she pays good attention to details, and she plays characters that she loves and knows well as she loves playing games and enjoys them. Briana is not like any other influencer one may find on social media, and her talent sets her apart from others. 


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