How Do Asian Companies Use Market Sampler to Research Business Opportunities in Europe and North America?

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The United States, Canada, and Europe are important markets for Asian countries, but the cultural and linguistic differences make it difficult for them to understand which products would sell best in the Western part of the world. Market Sampler can collect response data globally and is relatively inexpensive to use, which makes it a perfect market research tool for Asian businesses.

Since the launch of Market Sampler, we have seen significant demand from Chinese, Japanese, and South Korean companies for market research in Europe and the Americas. This article will give a brief overview of how these Asian companies use Market Sampler to do their research.

What kind of Asian companies use Market Sampler for market research?

We have received orders from a variety of industries, but most clients are from the following sectors:

  • E-commerce and online wholesale companies
  • Mobile phone sellers
  • Mobile phone accessories
  • Laptop, computer accessories, and peripherals
  • Fashion, clothing, and apparel companies
  • Clothing accessories
  • Smart device manufacturers
  • Smart device resellers
  • Smart TVs, and other display manufacturing companies
  • Dropshippers

Why do these companies need market research? 

They want to assess which product lines will be successful in different countries. They need to know what product names would be the best for each country. They want to understand what product differentiation is required to generate demand. They want to check which product photos will get the most product views on e-commerce platforms. They A-B test product descriptions and check price perceptions for products that can price differently in some countries.

The innovative ways Asian companies use Market Sampler is amazing.

How do Chinese, Japanese, and South Korean companies use Market Sampler?

Most Japanese companies use Market Sampler to test product names and product photos, especially in the consumer electronics industry.

The Instant Research feature of Market Sampler lets anyone ask a simple question and provide free-from answers. For this purpose, they create a survey like:

“Which product name is the best for this product?”

They upload a photo and provide three possible answers. Respondents can select one.

Chinese companies use Market Sampler to test market demand before developing smart electronic products and mobile phone accessories. Typically they use the Custom Research solution that includes support setting up more complex research projects. 

Korean companies use Market Sampler to monitor consumer interest for certain products, product features, and product concepts. Our few clients from South Korea run Continuous Research campaigns to see how sought-after certain product features are during an extended time. Continuous Research is a type of market research where a certain number of responses are collected and analyzed daily, instead of getting a snapshot report like with traditional market research solutions.

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