How Caritas of Birmingham, the Largest Medjugorje Center in the World, Is Helping People Pray

Our Lady of Medjugorje is the title given to the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary to six Croatian teenagers which began in 1981. Caritas of Birmingham was founded by Terry Colafrancesco as a prayer center dedicated to propagating the messages of the visions of the Blessed Virgin Mary

In 1981, six Croatian teenagers — Ivan Dragičević, Ivanka Ivanković, Jakov Čolo, Marija Pavlović, Mirjana Dragičević, and Vicka Ivanković — began seeing visions of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Virgin Mary said She came as the “Queen of Peace” to help the world find peace in God. 

In the years that followed, these “visionaries” as they have been called, have continued to have apparitions of the Virgin Mary. The Catholic Church has not yet made a definitive judgement on the apparitions. 

Caritas of Birmingham, was founded by Terry Colafrancesco in Alabama, to promote these important messages and help people convert. Since its founding in 1986, Caritas of Birmingham has become the largest Medjugorje center in the world. 

One of the core missions for which Terry started Caritas of Birmingham, was to help people pray more, according to the messages of the Virgin Mary given through the six visionaries in Medjugorje.

One of the Medjugorje visionaries, Marija Pavlovic, has stayed in the home of Terry and his wife in Alabama, and while at their home, the Virgin Mary appeared to Marija and gave messages. 

One of Mary’s messages through Marija in 1988, instructed Terry to start a community of prayer on his land.

This community of prayer which started is who now operates the mission of Caritas of Birmingham.

Terry writes under the name of “a Friend of Medjugorje,” and one can find many prayer books, and other works published through Caritas of Birmingham which carry this name, including the world-famous “Patriotic Rosary,” and a special 54-day Rosary Novena Prayer Book, for which Terry wrote powerful meditations.

Caritas of Birmingham also publishes Terry’s radio broadcasts, and many free downloads which spread the messages and prayers as received through the Medjugorje visionaries.

Caritas of Birmingham also hosts many prayer events throughout the year, in which people can come and pray at special sites on Terry’s land, as well as novena prayers and fasting prayers throughout the year. 

Caritas of Birmingham’s website,, shares many of these resources which help people develop a deep and authentic prayer life.

Terry has stated, Man is called to be beings of prayer. The work of the Community of Caritas is based first in prayer. Our work is covered and intertwined with prayer. The direction for Caritas, from the beginning, has always been that we only have to be successful at one thing – prayer… If one wants to be successful, one must pray.”

For a glimpse of Our Lady’s messages at Medjugorje, check out To listen to Terry’s Radio Wave podcasts, visit, and to read many of the prayers Terry has made available, visit

About Caritas of Birmingham

Terry Colafrancesco is the Founder and President of Caritas of Birmingham. A former Alabama businessman, Terry Colafrancesco, started the mission of Caritas of Birmingham in 1986, and soon thereafter walked away from his business to run Caritas full-time. Today, Caritas of Birmingham is the largest Medjugorje center globally, dedicated to helping people pray more. Terry writes under the name of a “Friend of Medjugorje.”

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