How Big Is the Cab’s Blind Spot? It’s Actually Driving Without Worrying


“The truck has a big blind spot!” “The truck has a blind spot all the way to the right!” “Drivers should always be aware of the truck’s blind spots!” How big is the blind spot of a truck, nowadays the blind spot of a truck is really small and tiny, and it is purely an excuse to rely on the blind spot when something happens, that is, the driver neglects or is lazy and does not look in the rear view mirror.


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Can the driver really not see a total of 6 mirrors on the left and right front?

Large main mirrors on the left and right, one wide angle mirror on each side, one floor mirror on the front right and one floor mirror on the passenger side door, for a total of six mirrors visible.

Not worrying about the mirror not being adjusted properly Laziness leads to accidents.

In fact, today, unlike cars of more than a decade ago, HOWO Dump Truck the mirrors are relatively single and small, and blind spots do exist in the field of view. Today’s truck mirrors, as long as they are well adjusted, have blind spots in addition to the rear of the car, and blind spots in front, left and right are all reasons for not worrying about their driving.


From the hardware means to find a way to say, now the high end models are equipped with four-way video, in the driver backing up, turning display will increase the auxiliary vision, while the right side of the truck to increase the alarm device to remind pedestrians, vehicles howo truck parts right turn to avoid, in addition. More important than that are the professional habits and ethics of truck drivers.

If truckers really can’t guarantee that their mirrors will be adjusted properly every time, and they can’t guarantee that they won’t be lazy about looking in the mirrors, then they should install a four-way video or buy the car as an option, so that safety can also be well guaranteed.

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