How AnimalGlobe Is Using AI to Solve Animal Conservation

It’s the next big breakthrough for animal conservation. It’s AnimalGlobe – defined as software that connects users to wildlife charities around the world and rewards users for contributing with advertising space — and Founder Mark Kalafian is believes that it is the solution to preventing earth’s sixth mass extinction.

AnimalGlobe has already partnered and verified over 200 charities that operate in 240 sovereign states and territories. The company continues to partner with charities and sanctuaries, big or small, in support of impacting animal conservation on a global level.

The title “AnimalGlobe” is exactly as it sounds, a digital globe like Google Earth, that has countries, sovereign states, and territories modeling a globe of the earth. With each area of land and ocean, the globe is made of millions of small pixels that can be purchased for advertising space. “The idea is that people, businesses, organizations, or groups can purchase pixels on the AnimalGlobe and use their space to advertise their content such as their logo, media, or brand with a direct link to their website. Depending on where the user has bought digital advertising space on the globe, a real charity in that part of the world will be zoned to receive a percentage of your contribution. For example: An Italian restaurant is looking to buy one-hundred pixels in Florence, Italy on the AnimalGlobe. With a click of a button on the globe in Florence, Italy, our platform will scan and locate a priority charity or sanctuary in need of aid in Florence, along with information about the charity, endangered and near-extinct animals within the charity, and how your advertising space’s contribution will help the charity. Experts claim that the platform specializes in servicing major advertising strategies and SEO to market user content at a level not seen before, allowing users to showcase their brand to the world while solving a very important cause.

Other observers in the software space believe both the digital and real value will serve a much greater impact than a virtual world, or a “metaverse”. The platform aims to allow owners of digital advertising space to buy, sell and sub-lease space to other owners, allowing space owners control over their advertising content while maximizing contribution amounts to designated animal species. The artificial intelligence tech focuses the health, well-being, and dietary needs of animals in selected spaces on the planet in or out of captivity, along with contributing factors such as political or geographical changes to the region. “Our software capabilities update in real-time and factor every detail as possible to serve the best possible outcome for both charities and animals. This is to ensure that each contribution to animal conservation is the most effective”.

Although AnimalGlobe provides several benefits for users, the heart of our organization belongs to animal conservation. Experts have identified the era we live in as the sixth mass extinction. Many of the extinctions that have been recently identified are attributed to human activity, making conservation efforts more important than ever before. The ambitions of AnimalGlobe are to provide as many resources as possible for charities that are on the frontline of this crisis in the hopes of preserving as many species as possible for generations to come.

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