How AllValue Became the Best eCommerce Builder to Win the Hearts of Merchants

Hong Kong, China — (ReleaseWire) — 07/19/2022 — When you think about online marketplaces, you could automatically picture Amazon or eBay, and that is because they have transformed ways of shopping through eCommerce. A similar transformation is occurring in cross-border eCommerce, fueled by platforms like AllValue.

AllValue is a Software-as-a-service tool that has the makings of the best eCommerce builder/platform for small business owners and eCommerce entrepreneurs for several positive reasons. These past years, more and more businesses are choosing AllValue as their preferred platform to launch their online commerce journey. But in order to grasp this paradigm shift, you need to understand what AllValue’s mandate is and what it intends to solve in the eCommerce space.

Working to Solve the Challenges of eCommerce: A One-of-a-kind Function

Online marketplaces like Amazon, AliExpress, and eBay may have made the buying experience seamless for many consumers. However, it also comes with a price, and that price is the eCommerce brands being restricted from nurturing brand loyalty, amassing private traffic, or even personalizing service offerings for consumers.

Although popular eCommerce builders like Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce enable eCommerce brands to explore the benefits of the Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) model, these services hardly cater to the peculiar needs of cross-border eCommerce outfits. Cross-border eCommerce merchants require; DTC digital capabilities, multi-channel operations, and resilient private domain operations, which are consumer-focused in order to build a sustainable brand and extract maximum customer lifetime value.

With that in mind, AllValue set out to create a platform that goes beyond offering responsive and adaptive website templates to one that develops end-to-end cross-border eCommerce solutions that remedy merchants’ pain points. AllValue’s solution anchors on the power of social commerce and a data-oriented approach that aggressively adapts to consumer behavior.

A Mission of Staying Ahead of Customers’ Needs
As a customer-driven enterprise, AllValue works hard to lay the foundation for key updates like the “WeChat Internation Mini Program” that enable merchants to develop independent stores to improve overseas WeChat shopping experience and enhance the order conversion rate. Other notable updates like the affiliate alliance and mobile-first store largely contribute to AllValue’s growing popularity among merchants.

As a result, AllValue are now hosting over 5000 high-quality cross-border merchants who are transitioning from China to the global scene with various products and services which, once again, boosts the growth of the AllValue team to North America and Japan.

A Blend of Social Commerce and Private Domain Traffic Switched Merchants Turning to AllValue

Based on the understanding of the needs of eCommerce sellers, AllValue are happily providing a set of services, from website design, marketing, merchandise, operational, to even transactional features for small and large businesses, and more! AllValue also provides solutions to manage customers loyalty, so that merchants can improve repurchase rate and brand loyalty. In addition, DTC+B2B omnichannel solutions enhance both online and offline sales.

Takeaway: AllValue Innovation Stays Ahead Among eCommerce Merchants

The innovative nature of AllValue speaks to the very heart of e-commerce in the present time. As major cross-border internet retailers undergo massive shifts and changes, AllValue dedicates itself to offering a platform with actionable solutions that many of the top names in the eCommerce space continue to ignore.

By opening its platform to constant iterations and changes, AllValue is offering eCommerce merchants a level of scalability that quickly addresses emerging pain points as they arise. However, it is no mystery why more and more online business owners are choosing AllValue as their preferred platform for e-commerce success.

About AllValue
AllValue is the international product of Chinese merchant giant Youzan. It is a SaaS platform that delivers the best eCommerce website builder solutions for individuals and businesses at a reasonable cost. AllValue’s array of services means that brands can easily exploit the potential of eCommerce and get their products or services to market in no time.

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