How 18-Year-Old Imad BAAK Is Taking the Entrepreneurial World by Storm, Successfully Launches an NFT Development Consulting Agency

Imad BAAK is a young entrepreneur from France with an exciting journey that proves age is not a barrier to succeeding in the business world

Entrepreneurship is an underestimated field. Most people assume that entrepreneurship is for older people, for those who are either reckless or have nothing to lose. But anyone can be an entrepreneur if they possess a quality that most do not: hard work. This is something evident in the life of Imad BAAK, an 18-year-old entrepreneur who started his first business as a 9-year-old. Today, Imad has a wealth of experience spanning nine years and thousands of dollars in sales.

β€œI knew I had a gift for selling anything to anyone, and I was going to take advantage of it,” explained Imad BAAK. β€œSometimes, I will lose sleep for days and days just to find a new business idea. I am not where I want to be yet as I believe there are still grounds to conquer. However, I have experienced substantial results as a teenage entrepreneur and it is because of the many sacrifices I made, my determination, zeal, and commitment.”

Imad BAAK was born and raised in Lyon, France, to immigrants from Algeria. While Imad’s mom was a sit-at-home mom, his dad sold shoes, perfumes, VHS, which inspired Imad to start his business. In 2013, Imad started selling Lego Figurines and making YouTube videos showing how he cut and painted them. Before long, people started to contact Imad to buy his Lego Figurines, and his YouTube channel grew to a large following.

To complete his sales, Imad used his father’s eBay account and continued selling Lego Figurines until 2016. He ventured into gaming videos which did not work as Imad focused on attending school. From 2013 to 2016, Imad made over $5000 selling figurines. Sadly, people were no longer interested in the figurines, and its hype started to die.

In 2017, Imad opened an Instagram account because the Lego custom figurine community immigrated there. He began to post about figurines to sell them, but that still was not working. Seeing that Lego Figurines were popular in the United States and no one was selling them in Europe, Imad decided to buy $600 of custom printed Lego Figurine to resell them in Europe using Instagram and PayPal. This new strategy worked for Imad from 2017 to 2019 as he made sales worth over $50,000$,

Again, like in 2016, the hype around figurines started to die, and Imad was forced to delete his account. Determined to forge ahead, Imad invested money in Forex trading and crypto and opened an Instagram account about motivation. He created courses for people to enter the business world using Snapchat and other platforms.

Today, Imad shows people how they can quickly start their business. He recently created NCG Consulting with Rayan Simeone, a consulting agency to help people and companies create or develop their own NFT. NCG Consulting comprises a team of top consultants in NFT, conducting marketing and management to help companies develop and improve their NFT’s project to make it successful.

For more information, connect with Imad BAAK on Instagram via @Zeuxt.

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