Hovsco’s February 2022 Update Article: Five Reasons Why E-Bikes Are So Popular

Hovsco’s official website updated in February 2022, Five Reasons Electric Bikes Are So Popular, detailing the specific reasons why e-bikes are so popular. Below are the details of this article.

A motorized bicycle is fashionable, healthy, and environmentally friendly. Statista.com forecasts that the global e-bike market will reach 40 million units in 2023. Find out why electric bicycles have become so popular over the past couple of years and continue to win the hearts of more and more people.

A bike that’s more than a traditional bike, but not a car

A bicycle is a more versatile vehicle than a car. A cyclist can easily pass through forest paths, mountain passes, and city traffic jams. Even a jeep will not be able to pass through in extreme cases. In this sense, a bike is an alternative not only to a car but also to a motorcycle, scooter, and public transportation.

Asphalt roads, gas stations, and parking lots are not necessary for biking. It can be transported by car, plane, and train. With an electric motor that can accelerate the vehicle up to 50 km/h and batteries that can provide a range of up to 50 km, it will suddenly be able to cover decent distances with minimal effort. A 30 km commute from home to the office is no longer a problem. E-bikes also save money on gasoline compared to cars.

The green flag

Manufacturers of electric bikes have every chance to become real climate change leaders. European officials and civil society organizations have declared war on CO2 emissions and are preparing for a complete ban on gasoline engines. By 2030, cars and motorbikes with internal combustion engines will be banned from entering the Netherlands, for example. The sale of gasoline and diesel cars will be banned in Sweden. It is even the cradle of the automotive industry – Germany – on the verge of such dramatic decisions.

Environmental campaigns are also gradually gaining traction in Russia. Moscow is traditionally used as a model, where, for instance, last year the first route of electric buses was launched. Eventually, electric buses will replace gasoline and diesel-powered public transport, which will have a positive effect on the environment.

At the same time, city officials in many metropolitan areas began to focus on the construction of bicycle paths. In the near future, bicycle infrastructure, which is much cheaper than an automobile, will be actively developed. In multiple cities around the world, metropolitan bike rentals have set records.

Bikes that have brains

Electric bicycles are also associated with fashion for technological innovation. A modern electric bike is more than just a frame with two wheels, pedals, and a steering wheel. They are smart vehicles. The bikes have electronic controls and environmentally friendly engines. Many of these systems took more than ten years to develop, including Bosch.

On-board computers on electric bikes are compatible with smartphones and mobile applications. This allows to collect a great deal of data about trips. In fact, a rider can get a navigator, a trip planner, and a fitness trainer with which to track cycling efforts with just one click.

With the trend in the automotive industry, electric bike manufacturers are also developing safety tools, such as emergency braking systems with ABS anti-lock mechanisms, which prevent the driver from overturning the steering wheel in case of a sudden stop.

Invest in riderr health

At first glance, an electric bike has nothing to do with physical activity. A motor does the work. In reality, an e-bike owner can choose from several power control modes. Their preferences range from a relaxed trip in cruise mode to a sports race, which is suitable for various types of terrain. Additionally, the rider can completely forego the electric motor, relying only on their own legs. A trip to work can be turned into a workout.

In contrast, electro-cycling removes many restrictions for people who were not allowed to cycle due to medical reasons. Medical reasons may include joint, spine, or heart problems. If choose it, an electric motor takes over most of the load on such a bicycle. Now, people of pretty much any age and physical condition can ride a bicycle without stress or injury.

Pedaling is trendy

Another important reason for the increase in e-bike conversions is that they are fashionable. “Everyone does it and I do too!too!too! .” The ambassadors of this convenient mode of transportation are, for example, the British Olympic track cycling champions Victoria Pendleton and Chris Hoy. Leonardo DiCaprio, Miley Cyrus, Leo Schreiber, Naomi Watts, and even Charles, the Prince of Wales, have joined the movement.

As a result of a unique combination of cultural, social, and political factors, and the perfect fit between a standard bike and an electric car, electric bikes are steadily gaining in popularity around the world.


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