Hovsco Will Release New Products in February 2022 and Do Further Analysis of Electric Bikes: Why Are They So Heavy?

Hovsco will release new products in February 2022. For the new electric bicycle, the designer introduced: “On the basis of adding stronger functions, it also reduces the weight of electric bicycles. This new product can be liked by more people.”

Electric bikes tend to be heavy, it’s an unavoidable fact. Why is this? What is the reason why electric bicycles have so much weight?

When adding a motor system to a bike, that’s exactly what people are doing: adding. There’s a motor, there’s a battery, there’s a sensor to detect what the rider is doing, and there’s a display or a remote (or both), and there’s a control system and wiring machine that ties everything together. That’s a lot of information. Also, manufacturers often strengthen the frame to take the weight of the motor and use heavier components in certain areas (such as the wheels) to ensure the reliability of the bike. Everything adds up.

How much does a motor system add?

Normally, the motor system adds up to 8kg to the weight of a bicycle. Most motors weigh between 3kg and 4kg, although some are heavier. In general, a battery will weigh between 2kg and 3.5kg, depending on its construction and capacity: the larger the capacity, the heavier the battery. The rest of the bits and bobs are usually no heavier than 1kg.

There are quite a few new players on the market whose drivetrains are quite a bit lighter than usual.

Fazua’s Evation mid-drive system weighs just 4.6kg with a 250Wh battery and a full-power 250W motor.

Mahle’s ebikemotion X35 system is also on many e-road bikes. Hub motors are used in the design of this bike. It weighs 3.5kg with a 250Wh battery and accessories.

Maxon – which built drive systems for NASA’s Mars rovers – is also launching a lightweight e-bike. The 220W Bikedrive Air, which includes a mid-mounted motor, integrated battery, and control element, weighs 3.5kg.

Other models are even lighter. The Austrian company Vivax collapsed in 2020, due to the Coronavirus outbreak, but its Assist system, which fit into the seat tube of a bike and drove the cranks directly, weighed just 1.8kg, including the battery. That was a different kind of system than your standard city e-bike or electric mountain bike, though, and nowhere near as powerful.

Would it be faster if bought a lighter bike?

In many cases it may be. However, the appeal of an e-bike isn’t fast: it can get where people want to go quickly, or without worrying about overstretching themselves. Still, if there’s any serious climbing work, the e-bike is always going to be faster. After riding back-to-back Kitzbüheler Horn climbs on e-bikes and standard road bikes, one knows which one to choose if they want to have a good day. The extra strength easily overcomes the added weight.

Riders won’t have to lift the bike up or down anything unless they manage to drain the bike’s battery on a regular basis, and people won’t notice any extra weight on a daily basis. Pushing an e-bike isn’t hard, and most have mobility aids, so it’s easier.

Can e-bikes be as light as possible?

Most light electric road bikes are built around the Fazua Evation or Mahle ebikemotion system. Scott Addict eRide has some in the 12-13kg range and even as low as 10.75kg.

There are also city/hybrid bikes built with these motors, such as the 14kg Ribble Hybrid ALe and the 16.5kg Juicy Bikes Ticket.

There are plenty of options well below the 20kg benchmark.

The Momentum Upstart has a battery capacity of 374Wh, weighs 19kg and uses just two gears and an automatic hub.

If more gear is required, Simplon offers a street version of the Sengo 27.5 mountain bike that weighs around 18kg. At £4,000 it’s not cheap, but riding a top-of-the-line Bosch motor is a great thing to definitely have a blast in town.

There are also eMTBs that use lighter motor systems, like the 18.8kg Kinesis Rise or the Turbo Levo SL, which use Specialized’s own motors.

The power isn’t as powerful as a bike with a Bosch mid-mounted motor, but that’s the trade-off.

In addition, there is a folding bike GoCycle, which weighs about 16.5 kg and looks very elegant.

E-bikes are heavier than regular bikes. It is impossible to add motor power and a battery without also adding weight.

The trade-off, however, is considerable. The heavier the mid-motor, the greater the torque. Smaller batteries in hidden systems make them lighter.

Different setups work for different bikes and riders. If buying an electric cargo bike, weight is less of an issue than buying a folding bike or an electric road bike.

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