HotxxMagOnlineRadio Spearheads Campaign to Promote Anti-Bullying and Encourage Young People to Pursue Their Dreams

US-based online radio HotxxMagOnlineRadio is not only concerned with dishing out unique content to keep people informed but ensuring bullying is a forgotten issue for young people

Bullying is a phenomenon that is far too prevalent in the younger generation, with many young people feeling targeted because of their abilities, race, sex, and sexuality. This behavior is not only disruptive but also causes extensive emotional and physical damage; for example, one in ten teenagers has had suicidal thoughts as a result of bullying. This can have devastating effects on individuals – both physically and mentally. On this note, HotxxMagOnlineRadio has begun taking steps to promote anti-bullying while ensuring young people see the need to attend college and pursue their dream.

Having achieved remarkable success in a very short period, HotxxMagOnlineRadio has become one of Pittsburgh’s top online radio stations. The radio has set out to draw attention to all sides of the bullying issue: encouraging kids who are bullied to speak out, building an online community that supports people affected by bullying, and raising awareness about this terrible problem. Founded by Tara J., HotxxMagOnlineRadio is poise to contribute its quota in making younger people realize they can be anything they choose to be, beyond any societal, background, or status limitations.

β€œWe are in a position to make a major difference in the lives of our young people by providing them with the tools, information, and support they need to succeed,” affirmed Tara J. β€œWith our broadcasts from our studio in Pittsburgh, HotxxMagOnlineRadio reaches out to millions of young people across the country, and we see this as a something to leverage.”

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About Tara J.

Tara J was born and raised in Pittsburgh and grew up in Garfield in Pittsburgh, PA. After graduating from high school, Tara attended Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA. Two months after graduating from college, she started a HotxxMagazine LLC company. Since then, Tara has won awards for her creativity and work. In 2019, she started her second company called HotxxMagOnlineRadio as a podcast that came out of her first company. In 2021, she won an award for Best Podcast of PGH 2021 for HotxxMagOnlineRadio.

Tara J’s story of being bullied and teased for wanting a career early in life is inspiring. The radio host continues to reach for the stars, with her goals being her motivation to keep pushing daily. Tara J wants to encourage the younger generation that anything is possible, teaching them to always work hard for what they want to achieve in life.

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