Host of Let’s Go Brandon Green Podcast Shares His Story About His Undiagnosable Allergy to Light

A chance encounter with a woman who had the same photosensitive condition drastically reduced his misery but Brandon strongly believes something is still amiss

A strange 5-day ‘light allergy’ left the host of Let’s Go Brandon Green Podcast in extreme pain and confusion. Brandon’s ordeal began in March, 2020 when countries and continents began shutting down to alleviate the effects of the deadly pandemic. However, Brandon began to experience strange symptoms that were far different and even scarier than typical COVID symptoms. Stroke-like episodes that went as far as limiting his speech, foot-drop, gastrointestinal issues, joint pain and fatigue were some of the symptoms he experienced.

Unpleasant sensations from a tube of Aldi sun cream began to make him question the efficacy of the product as he began to have light sensitivity on his face. A 5-meter run out his front door felt like a dash across hell as he started to burn up and feel like a microwaveable bean bag. These sensations continued over the preceding months that he unknowingly shut every window blind in his home. The condition exacerbated until he was being sunburnt by skylights in the mall, sweated profusely and was unable to look at his TV or phone for more than a few seconds, as these gadgets immediately transformed to flamethrowers that set his face (alone) on fire.

Brandon’s incessant search to find anything or anyone that could relate to this terrifying experience with hopes of a possible cure proved a failure until he stumbled on the blog of a woman who had similar experiences and who offered a solution that restored him and made him feel normal again.

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