Holding the Healthcare Industry Accountable – Fighting for the Little Guy

Law Offices of William S Leonard
The Law Offices of William S Leonard has been representing clients in the field of medical malpractice since 1996. Their tireless work has helped numerous clients who had been wronged by healthcare providers and their insurance companies. We represent those who feel helpless and get them justice.

Spring is right around the corner and this year it’s bringing an extra burst of growth and renewal. During the past 2 years, many businesses were closed or running part time, but at the Law Offices of William S. Leonard, a premier personal injury and medical malpractice attorney in Encino, we have continued working full time to gain justice for our clients. Now that many restrictions have been lifted and Courts and businesses are opened on normal schedules, we can push cases forward and gain the great results our clients deserve.

Doctors, nurses and hospitals go above and beyond to help people – they literally are heroes to so many of our community. This was especially true during the pandemic. Unfortunately, we continue to see many instances of patients slipping through the cracks when seeking help from the medical professionals. These patients often suffered devastating losses, including loss of life. At our offices we continue to counsel potential clients on their rights. Sometimes it seems that doctors and hospitals believe they are not accountable for their mistakes. When we determine malpractice has occurred, we fight the medical establishment and their insurance company’s and hold medical professionals responsible and obtain fair compensation for our clients.

One of the recent developments is the Court’s approval of the settlement of the class action case arising out of Aliso Canyon Gas leak in which So. California Gas Company will be paying out over 1.8 billion in damages. Law Offices of William Leonard represents almost 30 claimants as part of the class action and after a long fight since 2015, they should be receiving compensation payments for their losses any time.

It seems that our fight against insurance carrier greed is never ending. Most people don’t realize that when they are treated at a hospital for emergency care following an accident or injury, the hospital or their own health insurance can seek to recoup their losses, even before the injured person is compensated. Our job is often not limited to gaining a settlement or judgment against the person or company who caused injury, usually paid by that wrong doers insurance company. Then we often have to fight our client’s own health insurance who wants to be paid back for the benefits they had to pay under the policy with their own insured person. An example includes a client who we obtained a $1 million settlement in a case involving serious injuries to our client while riding a motorcycle, only to have his health insurance claim over $200,000 be paid back for medical bills paid. We were able to negotiate that down by half, leaving the majority of the settlement for the client. Another example is a recent case of wrongful death following an automobile accident, where we obtained settlement for all policy limits of $500,000. Because the client’s husband was hospitalized for many weeks before he died, he had medical bills over $400,000. If the hospital and health insurance were paid back, that would have left almost nothing for the widow. We fought hard and used our understanding of the law and equity and obtained waiver of the claims by the hospital and health insurance company, allowing the settlement to go to our client and helped her start to rebuild her life.

No matter how busy we are we take pride in always taking time to get to know our clients and understanding their point of view. And we help them understand the complex system of personal injury claims and litigations. This partnership of clients and attorneys means the clients get the best results and they know they were treated with compassion and fairness. For us, we take pride in helping people through what can be the most difficult or devastating time in their lives and knowing they have obtained justice and allow them the means to move forward.

The Law Offices of William S Leonard has been providing their legal services to clients in the field of personal injury, medical malpractice, insurance coverage litigation, and nursing home abuse and neglect and employment discrimination & wrongful termination lawsuits since 1995. Our clients come to us not only from local cities like Encino. Van Nuys, Woodland Hills, Tarzana, Calabasas, etc., but also from all over California.

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